Example of using bootstrap-table to implement server paging (spring background ),

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Example of using bootstrap-table to implement server paging (spring background ),

Recently, the bootstrap table plug-in is used on the front end. If the client page contains a large amount of data, it is difficult to interact with each other. Therefore, pages with large data volumes are used on the server side. The following starts the commit code:

Front end

First, let's take a look at the default paging parameter passed by bootstrap table.

  • Which subscript does offset start?
  • Limit per page

It may not be the same as our default paging parameter, so we decided to modify it. The parameter uploaded to the background is

  • Page number starting from 0
  • Size: The number displayed on each page.
$ ('#' + TableId ). bootstrapTable ({queryParams: function (e) {var param = {size: e. limit, page: (e. offset/e. limit), // + 1}; return param ;}, sidePagination: "server ";});


@ ApiOperation (value = "get Enterprise list, pagination supported", notes = "json method get User List") @ ApiImplicitParams ({@ ApiImplicitParam (name = "name ", value = "enterprise name", required = true, dataType = "string"), @ ApiImplicitParam (name = "beginTime", value = "Start time", required = true, dataType = "string")}) @ RequestMapping (value = "/list", method = RequestMethod. POST) @ ResponseBody public Map <String, Object> list (@ RequestParam Map <String, Object> m Ap, @ RequestParam (required = false) String name, @ RequestParam (required = false) String beginTime, @ RequestParam (required = false) String endTime, @ RequestParam (required = false) integer deptid) {List <Map <String, Object> list = new ArrayList <> (); // the current page number int page = map. get ("page") = null? 0: Integer. parseInt (map. get ("page"). toString (); // number of rows per page int size = map. get ("size") = null? 10: Integer. parseInt (map. get ("size "). toString (); Order order = new Order (Direction. ASC, "id"); Order order1 = new Order (Direction. DESC, "createTime"); List <Order> orders = new ArrayList <Order> (); orders. add (order1); // sort by createTime in descending order and then by id in ascending order orders. add (order); Sort sort = new Sort (orders); Pageable pageable = new PageRequest (page, size, sort); Page <Company> companyPages = null; if (StringKit. isEmpty (name) {companyPages = companyService. companyDao. findAll (pageable);} else {companyPages = companyService. companyDao. findByNameLike (name, pageable);} List <Company> companyList = companyPages. getContent (); SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy-MM-dd HH: mm: ss"); for (Company company: companyList) {Map <String, object> mapTemp = BeanKit. describe (company); mapTemp. put ("createTime", sdf. format (company. getCreateTime (); list. add (mapTemp);} Map <String, Object> data = new HashMap <String, Object> (); data. put ("total", companyPages. getTotalElements (); data. put ("rows", list); return data ;}


The parameters received by bootstrap table must have total and rows, total is the total number, and rows is the number of each page.

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