get rid of windows and build Personal entertainment Linux together, we don't need a pirated system!

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We use the computer, has been using pirated windows, for people who want to do not piracy, there are two ways, 1. Local tyrants directly to buy, 2. For my dick-wire student party, it's a good choice to try Linux. When it comes to Linux, many people may not have heard of it, or the person who knows it is the impression that:

However, Linux has grown so long that desktop applications have grown very mature, and now we can do Linux like this:

Ubuntu 16.04


Gentoo Linux


Very flashy have wood, in fact, such a Linux is very common, just need us to do, bold to do, you can get out! Well, since is to build a Windows-like Office entertainment level of Linux, first we have to install a Linux, for beginners, I recommend Ubuntu, there may be a lot of people scold Ubuntu so bad, in fact, I want to say that PC installs Ubuntu I think is very suitable (do not spray Linux veteran, I stand in the perspective of the Linux Novice), it is very easy to use, the graphical installation process, a very good desktop system, basic graphical operation, for the people just contact with Linux, You can use it just like windows and it's very easy to get started. PS: Installation tutorial on the Internet search it, I do not elaborate here to install.

Next, we will be the most important part of this article, configure the required software (in fact, I usually use the Linux common software, the following are used in Ubuntu 16.04来 operation):

1, of course, is Chinese landscaping, installation of Chinese fonts and Chinese input (Ubutnukylin do not install Input method), Wenquanyi Zen Hei font is certainly preferred, open the terminal to execute the command:

sudo install ttf-wqy-*; sudo apt isntall fctix fcitx-googlepinyin;

2. Install Flash for chromium:

sudo apt-get update; sudo Install pepperflashplugin-nonfree; sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree-install,#卸载命令, uninstall chromium and chromium flash, Copy it without copying it in . sudo apt-get remove Chromium-browser pepperflashplugin-nonfree;

3, in place of office WPS, personally think that WPS is the best office software under Linux:

WPS Community:

Ubuntu Download the Deb package, download and use the Software Center open can be installed, but also to solve their own dependencies. However, you can also use the command to install:

sudo dpkg-i wps.deb #wps. Deb to download the Deb package name for you

If the hint dependency is not met, execute the command:

sudo Install -F

This is done after the installation:

The Open interface is almost the same as in Windows.

4, install music player--netease Cloud music, just released recently, now feel is the best music player.

NetEase Cloud Music:

Select the corresponding version of the download, the download is completed after the installation method and the WPS installation method

5, movie player, recommended VLC and MPV,MPV is the default installation of Ubuntu, we only need to install VLC, installation method is in the software Center to search VLC, installation on the line.

6, the next piece artifact--Thunderbolt, you did not hear the wrong Linux also has thunderbolt, but the name is Xware, but a bit of regret is that the author has abandoned the pit. But it's still going to work.

ubuntu16.04 execute the following command directly under the installation:

sudo Install Xware-desktop

Run the reference here:

Xware instructions for use: Https://

7, it is estimated that many people want to do, install QQ, general installation of Longjing QQ:

Download link in this:

Longjing qq:

Installation methods are available on the Web page, first install wine, and then use the Software Center to install the downloaded QQ installation package.


In fact, the use of Linux is still very handy, their own hands-on configuration, or a sense of accomplishment, this is a very interesting process.

Finally, put a few good-looking wallpapers:

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Date: 2016/09/25

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get rid of windows and build Personal entertainment Linux together, we don't need a pirated system!

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