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Nowadays, hard disks are very cheap and the capacity is N Large. Common dos partition tables cannot meet the needs of large hard disks.

Dos partition table:

1. Only a limited number of partitions are supported.

For historical reasons, only 64 K (4x16 k) is reserved for the primary partition, that is, 4 primary partitions; 384 k (24x16 k) is reserved for the logical partition ), that is, up to 23 logical partitions can be created.

2. Hard Disk Partitions larger than 2 TB are not supported

This is also the historical reason. At that time, 2 TB is still an astronomical number.

The advantages of GPT are as follows:

1. scalable Partition Table capacity

A partition is still 16 k, but GPT can expand the capacity of the partition table. After creating a GPT partition table, you can create a small partition, such as 1 M, to store the partition table, the number of partitions has increased significantly.

2. There is nothing to say. It supports large partitions larger than 2 TB.

How to Create a GPT partition under CentOS 6

1. parted or gparted

2. gdisk

Use the parted Method

  1. # /usr/sbin/parted -s /dev/sdb mklabel gpt

Gdisk is the simplest, similar to fdisk.

  1. # gdisk /dev/sdb

Like fdisk, the derivatives include cgdisk and sgdisk.

You can use the epel source to install gdisk.

  1. # yum install gdisk --enablerepo=epel

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