[HP SIM] Systems Insight Manager stopped working, SQL Server error code 0x80090302.

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What is HP SIM first? A:sim in the artical means Systems Insight MAnager, from Hewlett-Packard, for central management of HP servers.

One of the function for Sims is monitoring, SIM would auto-discover HP servers in your network, when server go down or encounter Hardware issue, SIM would notify Iters.

Yes, it doesn ' t work suddently, SIM service still running with some errors in EventLog,

Com.hp.mx.database.DbVerificationException:Error Loading Database Verification handler ' Com.hp.mx.database.MsSqlVerificationHandler ' Com.hp.mx.database.DbVerificationException:Error accessing database
SSPI handshake failed with error code 0x80090302, state and establishing a connection with integrated security; The connection has been closed. Reason:acceptsecuritycontext failed. The Windows error code indicates the cause of failure.  

Screenshot attached,

MSSqlserver is succeed to being connected via studio and ODBC, checked netstat 1433 port is alive. Anyhow SIM just can ' t make it right, finally found the KB,


According to the knowledge base, we nearly can guess SIM using non-ntlmv2 potocols for Windows authentication, the problem Can is resolved by adding "usentlmv2=true" into the SQL connection string.

Question is why the problem just pop-up? Nobody rarely touch a server like SIM, so launch rsop.msc to check policies related to NTLM.

The default values from "explain",

Windows $ and Windows Xp:send LM & NTLM responseswindows Server 2003: Send NTLM response onlywindows Vista , Windows Server, Windows 7, and Windows Server R2:send NTLMv2 response  only

Generally speaking, Windows servers would negoiate with all other, make decision for Potocol, then start exchanging data, But this time of the policy changed to "Refuse LM & NTLM", therefore server refused authentication from SIM service.

[HP SIM] Systems Insight Manager stopped working, SQL Server error code 0x80090302.

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