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iOS App Development Starter Course: iOS installation tools

To develop an application, you must use the IOS Software Development Kit (SDK) and Apple's Integrated development environment (IDE) Xcode. To create a great iPhone, IPod Touch and IPad app, Xcode can meet all your needs. Its content includes the source editor, graphical user Interface Editor, and many other features, from customizable builds to source code warehouse management. Xcode takes the form of a single window, which is called the "Workspace Window", and most of the data you need is in this workspace window. Once you're familiar with Xcode, you can easily transform your code, debug debugging, and interface design without having to switch windows back and forth. The iOS SDK expands the Xcode toolset, including creating iOS app-specific tools, compilers, and frameworks.

1. Download the latest version of Xcode.

Open the Mac App Store on your Mac computer, search for Xcode, then click Free to start the download. When you download Xcode, the IOS SDK is included. (The Mac App Store is preinstalled in Mac OS X 10.7 or later.) If you are using an older version of Mac OS X you will need to upgrade the operating system first. )

2. Join the IOS developer program to become an Apple developer

If you're just writing and testing your app in the simulator, you don't have to join the developer program. But when you need to test and even publish your app on a real device, you need to join the developer program. After joining the program you will be able to access all the resources of the iOS Dev Center and iOS Provisioning Portal. Of course, if you join the program now, you can follow all the steps in this roadmap, including testing your app on your own device.

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iOS app development iOS development iOS software customization

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