Java EE Jobs (i)

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1. Target

This semester is already the second semester of junior year, the subject of study also more close to professional skills, especially for me to concentrate on the development of Java this computer direction, Java EE This course is particularly important. So this semester I will seriously delve into Java knowledge, many of the development of the online case, improve their knowledge of Java EE, to be able to master a certain development ability, can independently complete a number of program design and development content.

2. Differences between Enterprise-class applications and Internet applications

Enterprise-Class Applications:

Industry sector differentiation industry, the respective field of business background is not the same, and formed a certain threshold.

Business logic complex business logic, involving a large number of data and multi-person collaborative processing.

Data consistency emphasizes data consistency, which requires transactional, transactional middleware, database locks, and Java synchronization mechanisms to ensure data consistency.

System integration critical systems need to be integrated with many external systems, integrated in a way or taken Esb,jms,web service,socket.

The development process emphasizes software processes, industry experience, the need to write a large number of documents and multi-person collaboration, version control and problem tracking backtracking.

User interaction emphasizes interface interaction and data expression, need to support a variety of data presentation methods, the need for a large number of data on the page display, transmission.

Internet applications:

Industry sector: cross-sectoral, differentiated by application type, such as Blog,wiki, personal stores, etc.

Business logic: Business logic is simple, most of the data through the page to delete and change the search

Data consistency: Requires transactional, but high concurrency in the game, giving way to high concurrency.

System integration: weak. Minimal need to integrate with other systems

Development process: Emphasis on agility, rapid development basically does not need version control.

. User interaction: Weak. The interaction is not many, the expression way is simple, more is the data deletion and modification to investigate.

Java ee Mind Map:

Java EE Jobs (i)

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