JavaFX development encountered some problems, such as some javafx problems.

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JavaFX development encountered some problems, such as some javafx problems.


Compilation started in December 4, 2016

Delete and add again tomorrow. The day after tomorrow is too busy.

Complete displaying the ID


Write the get time and encapsulate and save it


The data presentation of two tableviews was completed at on July 22, December 28, 2016. One episode was that the controls created by scenebulider must not be named again !! And observe the exception information carefully.


At 01:27:07 on October 11, December 30, 2016, I asked for help on how to obtain the selected TableView and save it to Fly. After obtaining this, I saved it to the database after displaying it and modifying it, then, a small part of the space is encapsulated.

Tomorrow's plan: 1. Make the pop-up menu

2. The data form is modified.

3. Data encapsulation


At 23:17:22 on April 9, December 30, 2016, the three plans for yesterday were not completed today, but the pop-up menu operation (initContextMenu) method was completed:

Set an EventHandler in the place where it needs to be popped up, and set the time when the mouse is clicked.

At first, I thought this was required to pop up. Later I found it was not required !!

public void initContextMenu() {  tb_fly.addEventHandler(MouseEvent.MOUSE_CLICKED, (MouseEvent e) -> {   if (e.getButton() == MouseButton.PRIMARY), e.getScreenX(), e.getScreenY());  });  } 


At 02:45:45 on April 9, December 31, 2016, I wrote a page Jump in one night and got the button to click and exit. static is really easy to use. The page Jump is completed, and the function of transmitting and receiving data to each other is all used static. a null pointer exception may be reported because a new object is generated.


At 14:54:57 on April 9, December 31, 2016, I think I should check the API documentation. Otherwise, I don't know any method. Just now I want to convert Date to a LoaclDate object. I found a date after I checked the material. toLoaclDate ();

This method is much more convenient. It is very troublesome to turn around and encapsulate the udate interface data today.


At 15:25:50 on April 9, December 31, 2016, the data in the table box is not deleted from the database. However, this is not safe. I think it is necessary to set a prompt box.


December 31, 2016 22:29:39 set the modified window to the top

PrimaryStage. initModality (Modality. APPLICATION_MODAL); // top the window



At 01:34:33, January 1, my day completed the Combobox change listener and added all the data to the Combobox.



January 04, 2017 21:58:26 now I thought it was the simplest thing to worry about when I showed a headache for the data, but now it has become very difficult. I first used the switch statement, but the case value is fixed, which makes it a bit more difficult. difficult, then we can use if to filter out some types.



January 05, 2017 20:56:06 I need to judge that the map content is different

The obtained map then generates a map1

Assign map1 to map

If map1 = map

Map2 = map




At 00:41:45 on April 9, January 07, 2017, I was inspired by one-click query !! There is nothing to achieve !!

For a brief introduction, I will first define modelvalue to save the value of the model.

Use a for loop to make the values of modelvalue different and search for them !!!!


01:08:27, January 1, January 07, 2017. I am very happy to tell you today. Haha, I used to judge whether map is equal for a while before. Now I don't need one click !!!

You can finish the test table tomorrow.


The reception is completed at 21:56:33 on January 1, January 07, 2017!



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