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Adobe has just launched the Lightroom new version of –lightroom CC (which also has the same functionality but does not contain Lightroom Mobile's Lightroom 6 standalone offering), if you are an Adobe Creative cloud user, You can now download and use the Lightroom cc immediately. Younger brother is cc users, of course, the first time trial, the more eye-catching new features to share with my readers.

You don't need Photoshop to make a panoramic picture.

Some functions always rely on Photoshop to do, such as the production of panoramic phase (panorama), but Lightroom CC/6 can be completed without PS, and done very well, even better than PS.

▲ This time more a "photo merge" function, is everybody waits for and so on Lightroom home does not leave the view Pano and the HDR.

▲ Make panorama photos, there will be a quick preview, so that we do not have to wait a long time to know the effect, feel satisfied with the merge.

▲ Why do I say even better than PS? Because the complete panorama picture is not tiff, not JPG, but 16bit raw file! I feel free ~

An in-depth study of HDR

▲ In addition to the panorama, and HDR, this time I'll try five photos to make Lightroom hdr.

▲ the same as the Panorama, there is a quick preview, you can have automatic alignment, Ghost shadow and other practical functions.

▲ using the maximum strength and panorama of HDR made by Lightroom, is that it produces the file is raw file (DNG file), the HDR raw file has a very wide dynamic range, because the raw relationship, all raw files to do a good adjustment such as white balance are liberated.

A very convenient face recognition

Have you ever put all the photos of friends and family members in the past to make it easier to search later? I do not believe it, because it is too annoying, but this time to add face recognition is believed to do this action is much easier.

▲ when Lightroom finds that the photo has a new face that it doesn't know, it automatically appears on the person's head.

▲ the user simply enters the name, the Lightroom will write down.

▲ later enter the second phase and there are the same characters appear, Lightroom will be able to remember that the person who is the use of the home whether that person, as long as the press tick number can be. If you don't recognize it, enter a name again, and LR will remember that person more and more.

▲ can even call Lightroom to a big action, the computer all photos appear to recognize and add names.

▲ have the names of keywords, the advantage is that you just enter the name, all have that person's photos will be listed, easy enough?

Finally support hardware acceleration

In the past Lightroom is pure CPU operation, this new version finally support the display card hardware acceleration, theoretically should be faster. How fast is it? The younger brother because accidentally unloaded LR 5 therefore cannot make direct comparison, very sorry, pure to feel, seems to be faster than LR 5 a little, temporarily feel on the lack of obvious difference in speed. However, it is not fair that I have only spent a few hours to make the final statement, so I'll report it to Facebook page for a long time. This time, at least, there is no such thing as the LR 3-liter 4 o'clock slowed down.

Of course, not only these features

These are the new features that make me more aware, Lightroom cc Of course there are other updates, I will be in the future Lightroom teaching and share.

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