Mobile phone Automation test: Build Appium mobile phone automation test development environment

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This time and everyone to share the appium environment to build.

The first step: Install Appium, I installed the "AppiumForWindows-", the main point here is, because appium need to rely on framework4.5 version, so you want to install Appium on Windows XP is not possible , because only the framework4.0 version can be installed on Windows XP. Appium need to extract first, I was extracted to the C drive, then the installation. When installing, you can use the NPM install–g appium command to install, or you can use NPM--registry install-g appium to connect by mirroring, because a Ppium will be slower to download and can be installed using the following image


NPM Config Set Registry
NPM install-g Appium

} or


NPM--registry install-g appium
Using NPM's domestic image can be installed at a very good speed.
If you do not want to enter the IP later, you can enter the following command:
NPM Config Set Registry
You can then directly enter NPM install-g Appium installed


The installation process must be under CMD into the Appium directory, my appium under the C disk, (Install Image: NPM--registry install-gappium) Specific installation commands such as:

After installation, you need to set the Appium environment variables, as follows:


The second step: Download and install Android_sdk_r22.6.1.exe to any directory, I installed in the C drive and directory, after installation will be in the C disk C:\ANDROID-SDK, installed directory structure is as follows:

After installation, you need to set the environment variables for Android, as follows:



Of course, the JDK environment variable is also to be set, here is not much to say.

The third step: Download the Eclipse IDE for Java developers, download the version of 4.4.1, and then need to download the Android ADT plugin, downloaded and put to D:\eclipse\dropins\ADT, where ADT is the directory of its own establishment, Inside, features and plugins, launching Eclipse will have the following interface:

NOTE: If a hint such as this androidsdk requires Android Developer Toolkit version 23.0.0 or above appears, in android_sdk_windows/ changed to the corresponding version number in the Plugin.prop file under Tools/lib

Fourth step: In the installed ANDROID-SDK directory double-click the SDK Manager.exe, (proxy address: Check the Android development package to download the version, I downloaded the 4.4.2 version, as follows:

Fifth step: Configure the Android virtual machine. You can set it up in eclipse by selecting the following:

The configured virtual machine settings are as follows:

Sixth step: Start configuring the relevant development environment in Eclipse, primarily the jar package associated with jdk,selenium,appium-client (the package is downloaded on the Web by Appium's client package called Java-client.jar). Then you can start writing the test code, and here's a brief demonstration of the code if you write the initialization section:

Well, the above is to build appium+android+eclipse automation test development environment, thank you!

Mobile phone Automation test: Build Appium mobile phone automation test development environment

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