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A Nodejs community developed with Nodejs, nodeclub Open source, hence downloaded a good study, Github homepage:

Effect Chart:

first under the Mac:
Install MongoDB
Run the mongod underneath the bin
Ps:mongodb will default to the data file in/data/db, you need to build a directory, and the right to the current user

GUI Tools for installing MongoDB
Preview interface
Use git to download the Nodeclub source code, and then run
npm-d Install
CP Config.default.js Config.js
Modify the config file as yours
Node App.js

A complete Nodejs site on the set up, and then began to study the code slowly, while watching learning it ~

If you are under win:

or download MongoDB, set the path, start

Download GUI Tools Mongovue

Two questions that might come up in the back

1:window cannot be installed under Mongoose
Err! Unsupported
Err! Not compatible with your operating system or architecture: <a href= "Mailto:mongodb@0.9.9-7" >mongodb@0.9.9-7</a >
Err! Valid os:linux,darwin,freebsd,sunos,windows
Err! Valid Arch:any
Err! Actual Os:win32
Err! Actual Arch:ia32

Solution Method:

Download a mongoose, put it under% of your item%node_modules, and then execute npm-d in Mongoose directory install

2: After registering the user, login error cannot use ' in ' operator to search for ' minimize ' in user
Typeerror:cannot use ' in ' operator to search for ' minimize ' in user
At (native)
At Model.toobject (f:nodejsnodeclubnode_modulesmongooselibdocument.js:1159:19)
At Model.tojson (f:nodejsnodeclubnode_modulesmongooselibdocument.js:1229:15)
At object.stringify (native)
At array.0 (f:nodejsnodeclubnode_modulesexpressnode_modulesconnectlibmiddlewaresessionmemory.js:74:31)
At Eventemitter._tickcallback (node.js:192:40)

Solution: Transmission Door

Modify the node_modulesmongooselibdocument.js below
if (!options) {

if (!) ( Options &amp;&amp; ' Object ' = = {

It's OK.

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