ODBC database driver for GO:GO access to SQL Server through ODBC

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The go language accesses SQL Server through ODBC, which needs to use the GO-ODBC Library, open Source address:: Https://github.com/weigj/go-odbc

First, drive installation

Open the Gopath in cmd:

Go to src Directory

In the SRC directory, get the ODBC driver via git:

git clone git://github.com/weigj/go-odbc.git ODBC

Go to the ODBC directory:

Run the Go Install command:

prompt does not install GCC compiler, to the official website download http://tdm-gcc.tdragon.net/ .

Ii. installation of GCC

or download Mingw-w64-install.exe (170.0 KB), reboot after installation.

is the Mingw-w64-install.exe (https://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw-w64/) installation process:

Configure the GCC environment, open system variables, modify path, add E:\Program files\mingw-w64\x86_64-5.3.0-posix-seh-rt_v4-rev0\mingw64\bin, such as:

Run the Go install command again without prompting for an error message, such as:

Iii. Examples of programs

Idea: Link database--Create a query--display query results

Package Mainimport ("FMT" "ODBC") Func main () {FMT. Printf ("%s\n", "CREATE Database Link") conn, _: = ODBC. Connect ("DSN=DTCMS; Uid=user; [email protected] ") stmt, _: = conn. Prepare ("SELECT top * from Dt_article") stmt. Execute () rows, err: = stmt. Fetchall () if err! = Nil {fmt. PRINTLN (Err) return}for I, row: = Range rows {Println (i, Row)}stmt. Close () Conn. Close () return}

ODBC database driver for GO:GO access to SQL Server through ODBC

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