Open-source: Autumn-style ad killer source code and open-source ad killer source code

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Open-source: Autumn-style ad killer source code and open-source ad killer source code

I quietly read the books for two months and reported to the gym. I went to private school and became a thoughtful young man, A healthy life attitude is still necessary. As for work, sometimes headhunters may chat with each other to experience various wonders (for three months, another special memoir will satisfy everyone's taste ).

Although there are a lot of new insights in my life, this is not the focus, but when I read a book and feel that there is no book to read, I will go back and write an article.

I was chatting in a group at the CTO club and talked about writing books. Although I could not make any money, I said I had written more than 400 articles. They said I had to sort them out, now I can write a book. I thought about it. Forget it. I found myself a reason not to miss my children. In fact, I am lazy, because if someone helps me sort it out, I don't mind, therefore, the essence is still lazy, and it is easy to say it is neutral.

Sharing is a characteristic of my life's character. By sharing, I constantly break my own positioning and move forward with an empty mind. Therefore, the source code archived on my hard disk is open-source, everyone gave me a face to smile at Luo.

Body: 1: I want to recall some of my previous articles: 1: Autumn new work: Autumn-style ad killer, helping you live 7-8 days a year! 2: Autumn-style ad killer: Ad interception principles and killer organizations 3: Autumn-style ad killer v2.1: new ad interception functions and new thinking (can also break the wall) 4: Autumn-style ad killer V2.5 released: sharing of various knowledge points 5: Autumn-style ad killer V2.7: sharing of technical principles Youku anti-advertisement shielding mechanism


2: The software interface is as follows:

ICSharpCode. SharpZipLib. dll is deducted and fixed the issue of unzipping garbled characters in other language Environments)

4: boot, registry, and other operations.

5: software upgrade.

6: Some Winform optimizations.

7: Of course, there are also many details that are not optimized enough.


Source code SVN address:

Address: 8443/svn/AdKiller/



PS: your server. The expiration time is unknown. Please download it as soon as possible.

The account above only gives read-only permissions. If you want to continue improving the software, you can join the deduction group: 227664757. Contact the author. After your published work passes the test, you can get the submit permission to share your results with more users.



I will continue to share some open-source works in the near future. Thank you for choosing,Welcome to likes!


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