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This series focuses on getting started and will not go into details or detailed usage of some tools. If necessary, please refer to other documents.

I. Configuration

1. Operating System Selection

Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 7 Ultimate are recommended. All subsequent demos are based on the Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System.

2. Install the database

Install SQL Server 2000, 2005, or 2008. We recommend that you Install SQL Server 2005 or 2008. All subsequent demos are based on SQL Server 2008.

3. Install the integrated development environment (IDE)

Install Visual Studio 2008 team system (SP1) or Visual Studio 2010 ultimate. We recommend that you install Visual Studio 2010 ultimate, which supports all. NET Framework applications.ProgramDevelopment. All subsequent demos are based on Visual Studio 2010 ultimate.

4. Install the source code management tool

Visual sourcesafe 6.0 (or 2005), or team Foundation server (TFS), of course, TFS is powerful, not just source code management, project Members can complete their work in the Vs + TFs environment.

Note that the installation sequence should not be reversed. After Visual Studio is installed and SQL Server is installed multiple times, the SQL Server Management studio cannot be found. The reason is not enough. Although it can be solved, but it is troublesome. The above two installations can be performed step by step according to the Wizard. The installation of SQL Server is relatively troublesome, especially SQL Server 2008. I believe that readers will make full use of Google.

Learn about Visual Studio and. NET Framework versions.

2. Prerequisites

1.. NET Framework (framework)

. NET Framework is the core of developing and compiling. NET applications. Without it, Visual Studio is useless.

The. NET Framework consists of a class library and Common Language Runtime (CLR.

A class library is a collection of reusable types that are encapsulated and tightly integrated with the Common Language Runtime Library, including classes, interfaces, and value types that comply with common language specification (CLS, compiled as an assembly and installed on the system disk/Windows/ASSEMBLY /. Class libraries can accelerate and optimize the development process and provide access to system functions. You can understand that Microsoft has implemented various functionsCodeWrite and compile the package. If you need to develop an application, you can directly access the object implementation function in the class library. For example, you can directly access the objects in the system. net. Mail namespace to send emails.

The namespace is mentioned here ),.. net uses namespaces to organize object hierarchies, such as Microsoft. office. word. This structure also implies a hierarchical structure. Note that ". "syntax naming scheme. Another advantage of this method is to avoid naming conflicts. There is also a term called assembly. An assembly is divided into single-file assembly and multi-file assembly. The Assembly can solve the DLL hell problem. For details, see Microsoft msdn.Article.

. NET Framework supports multiple development languages: C #, VB, C ++, and F.

To run a. NET application, you must install the corresponding version of. NET Framework in the server system.

2. Managed Code Execution Process

Select compiler-> compile managed code into Microsoft intermediate language (msil)-> compile msil into local code by JIT (instant compiler) at runtime-> execute on computer. Code that is run by a common language rather than directly executed by the operating system is called managed code. That is to say, use. the code written in the development languages supported by. NET Framework is managed code. The managed code must be compiled twice before it can be executed by the computer. This is similar to Java, where Java is first compiled into bytecode.

3. Visual Studio (vs for short)

VS is development. the integrated development environment of the. NET application, including project creation, interface design, coding implementation, testing, database operations, source code management, and project release, can all be completed in, the combination of team Foundation server will be more suitable for team development.

Projects that can be developed using vs ide include ASP. net (website, project, MVC), web services, Windows Forms applications, Windows Mobile, WPF/Silverlight, cloud applications based on Microsoft Windows azure platform, etc.

4. C #

C # is an excellent object-orientedProgramming LanguageThose who have learned Java will find that C # and Java have the same or similar syntax and objects (names and usage. But it cannot be said that C # is imitating Java, and C # has learned the advantages of multiple programming languages and has innovations, such as LINQ and dynamic programming.

C # versions: 1.0, 2.0 (new generic), 3.0 (New LINQ, etc.), 4.0 (new optional parameters, dynamic programming, etc ).

5. The content of this series will gradually use the following knowledge:

Please do your homework in advance for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, and JSON. The Learning link will be provided whenever possible.


The next article will give a general introduction to C #. The console application will be used for demo.




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