Photoshop designs a youthful concert hall image platform advertisement-PS tutorial

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This tutorial is intended to share with my friends the Photoshop design of the youthful concert hall image platform advertisement method. the effect of this tutorial is very beautiful and difficult, let's take a look. This example shows how photoshop designed a young concert hall image platform advertisement. By combining dancing people with English letters floating in the air, the screen is still dynamic. A low saturation color creates a sense of static time.

First Look


1. create a blank image file and set the parameters as follows:

Width: 10 cm height: 12.51 cm resolution: 300px

2. set the foreground color to blue-gray (R155, G200, and B213), click "Create New fill or adjust layer", and add "color fill 1" to adjust the layer.

3. click the "create new fill or adjust layer" button, and set "gradient fill 1" to "linear deepening", and "opacity" to 60% to produce light and shade effects, enhance the stereoscopic effect of the image.

4. Open the "cloud. psd" file in the clip, drag it to the current image, adjust the size and place it in the middle of the screen, and adjust the "opacity" of the layer to make the cloud more natural.

5. open the .jpg file, drag it to the current image and adjust it accordingly. Then, use the pen tool to pull the image and then delete the pink background image. Create "Layer 1" and use the pen tool and fill path to draw out the missing parts of the glove. Create "Layer 2" and draw glove details in the same way to make the glove more three-dimensional and authentic. Adjust the order of layers during creation. Create "Layer 3", set the foreground color to dark red (R196, G56, B58), and use the paint brush tool to draw the details on the glove. Use the same method to draw the internal projection of the glove to make the glove more realistic.

6. create a new layer, use the pen tool to draw the path of the clothing shoulder strap, convert the path to a selection area, and fill it in white. Then, click the "layer style" button, add the "gradient superposition" layer style and set the parameters to click the "OK" button to draw the missing section of the sling to make the clothes more complete.

7. press Shift to select the layers of all clothes and gloves, press Ctrl + Alt + E to merge the layers, and add "level 1" to adjust the layers. Press the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + G to create the clipboard layer, adjust the color of the clothes and gloves, and group the layers of the clothes and gloves.

8. Open the "green letter. psd" file, drag it to the current image, and adjust the placement position. Adjust the letter U layer to the bottom of the "Group 1" Layer group, and then adjust the order of the "cloud 8" layer to the top of the letter C layer to enhance its layering. Open the balloon .png file, drag it to the current image, and place it above the letter U. Then adjust the color to other letters in sequence. The effect is as follows:

9. Open the "purple letter. psd" file, drag it to the current image file, and adjust the position and size.

10. create a new layer, use the pen tool to draw light and light points, and click "create new fill or adjust layer" to add a "natural saturation 1" adjustment layer.

11. click the horizontal text tool and enter the text to complete the screen.

At the end of the tutorial, the above is an introduction to Photoshop's youthful design of the concert hall image platform advertisement method. have you learned this? Interested friends are coming to study!

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