PMD 5.7.0 release, Java program code checking tool

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PMD 5.7.0 was released. PMD is a Java program code checker that is released using the BSD protocol. The tool can check whether the Java code contains unused variables, contains empty fetch blocks, contains unnecessary objects, and so on.  The software is powerful and highly efficient, and is a good helper for Java programmer Debug. Notable changes are: the "fielddeclarationsshouldbeatstartofclass" rule in the Modified rules Java-design rule set has a new  The Ignoreinterfacedeclarations property, set this property to True, ignores the interface declaration before the field.  Example usage:renderers: Add ' empty ' renderer, it won't write anything. For more API modifications and Bug fixes, see the full release log: >>> "All-in-one carnival, review courtesy" May 15-31st Reviews On the daily update of "News and software update information", commented more than 20 can be boarded weekly updated "source information" and "software Weekly" two columns, the number of likes more than 50 will also receive 5 active points reward and open source China custom good gift. This paper is reproduced by Anhui plate surface

PMD 5.7.0 release, Java program code checking tool

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