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Avi AVC/Xvid/DivX AC3/MP3 single file limit capacity below 4 GB
MP4 AVC/Xvid/DivX AAC single file limit capacity below 4 GB
MPG MPEG-1/2 AC3/AAc unlimited capacity
WMV VC-1/wmv9 WMA-
Vob AVC/MPEG-2 AC3 unlimited capacity
M2ts AVC AC3 unlimited capacity
Avchd AVC AC3/DTS Nero is burned to the udf2.5 format, supporting chapters, m2ts image version

Playback mode:

* It may take about 10 seconds for some video files to be correctly recognized for the first playback.

PS3 playback (1): directly copy to the video folder in the root directory of the Mobile storage device (you have not created it yourself) to play the video.
PS3 playback (2): If the video file is larger than 4 GB, you can use twonkymedia to transfer the file to PS3 (Tutorial).
PS3 playback (3): If the video file is greater than 4 GB, use Nero 8, select the DVD-UDF mode, udf2.5 file system, burn the bdmv folder to the DVD dial, put in the PS3 to play.

PS3 playback (4): Some avchd movies are processed in special ways. They can be stored on a mobile hard disk, connected to the PS3 through USB, and played directly on the PS3 without encoding, the original BD image is used for re-encapsulation. Note that before playing the video, you must change the directory name to avchd and use the FAT32 format file system.

PC playback: direct playback is supported.

The Encapsulation Format is just a media container, but it is actually a shell. The above table describes the formats supported by the PS3, that is, the suffix type. Encoding is the encoding supported by this format. It is actually what kind of material the container can put. The Media Encoding needs to be confirmed by the player on the computer.

Most of the video encoding on the network is supported by the PS3, but the encapsulation is not necessarily supported by the PS3, so remux [re-encapsulation] is required. This operation is suitable for videos with subtitles embedded or without subtitles. this is not difficult. Detailed steps and tools are described in the basic suppression section. For videos that require subtitles, XMB of the PS3 cannot directly support external subtitles. Therefore, it is quite time-consuming to re-code the videos. If you are interested, you can read the tutorials written by netizens in this area. If you don't want to bother yourself, you can download a video with off-the-shelf subtitles.

Supported Video Encoding
AVC/asp [Requires profile less than 4.2]
H.264 is also called AVC [advance video coding]. Most of the current HD videos are in this encoding format.
ASP is a simple [Simple Profile] of AVC, mainly used for video encoding on mobile devices, such as 3GP videos.

VC-1 full name [Video Codec 1], is based on wmv9 HD video encoding format.
WMV is full name of [Windows Media video 9]. Microsoft will not talk much about it.

These two encodings are extensions Based on MPEG-4 encoding, and some are based on H.263 technical indicators.
In general, Xvid is better than DivX, which is the most popular encoding in DVDRip.

MPEG-2/1 [incomplete Support Information]
The MPEG-2 video encoding standard is equivalent to h.262, and is the form of DVD video encoding.
As for MPEG-1 is the product of the VCD era.

Supported Audio Encoding
Supports 5.1 channels and a maximum bit rate of 1536 kbps. The full name is [digital theatre system].
Support 5.1 channels, maximum bit rate 0640 kbps, full name [Dolby Digital AC-3]
Supports 5.1 channels and a maximum bit rate of 0640 kbps. The full name is [advance audio coding].
Support 2.0 channels, maximum bit rate 0320 kbps, full name [MPEG-1 audio layer3]

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