[Qt] shortcut key summary in mobile development tool Qt, development tool qt

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[Qt] shortcut key summary in mobile development tool Qt, development tool qt
[Qt] Summary of shortcut keys in mobile development tool Qt

Qt Creator provides various shortcut keys to speed up the development process.

To view or customize the shortcut keys, choose tools> Options> environment> keyboard. Shortcut Keys are listed by category. You can enter the command name, tag name, or shortcut key name in the Filter to quickly locate the shortcut key you want to search.

Shortcut Keys displayed in red are associated with some features. Qt Creator can perform this function in the current context. If the same shortcut key is used for several functions, a conflict occurs, and Qt Creator does not execute any functions.

The keyboard shortcut key may also conflict with the shortcut key used by the window manager. In this case, the shortcut key of Qt Creator does not work. Generally, you can configure shortcuts in the window manager, but if not, you can change the shortcut keys of Qt Creator. For example, if F10 is used in the Ubuntu 11.10 window manager, the default Qt Creator keyboard shortcut F10 (single-step debugging) will not run on the system.

Configure the shortcut key custom shortcut key select tool> Option> environment> keyboard.
Select a command from the list.
In the Key sequence field set by the shortcut Key, you can select the following options:
(1) enter the shortcut key associated with the selected command.
(2) Select "Record", press the shortcut key to be set, and select "Stop Recording" to complete the Recording.
Restore the default shortcut key and select "Reset ". Import/Export shortcuts

Qt Creator allows you to use different keyboard shortcut ing schemes:

To Import the keyboard shortcut key ing scheme, click Import ...", Then select the shortcut key ing solution to import. kms file.
To Export the keyboard shortcut key ing scheme, click "Export ...", Select the location where the. kms file is to be exported.

Default shortcut

The following table lists the default shortcut keys, which are categorized by actions.

General shortcuts
Action Shortcut Key
Open a file or project (O )... Ctrl + O
Create a file or project (N )... Ctrl + N
Open Alt + V, Alt + I
Select All () Ctrl +
Delete Del
Cut (T) Ctrl + X
Copy (C) Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Y
Print Ctrl + P
Save Ctrl + S
Save all files (L )... CTRL + Shift + S
Close Window Ctrl + W
Close all files Ctrl + Shift + W
Close current file Ctrl + F4
Back Alt + Left
Forward Alt + Right
Jump row (G )... Ctrl + L
Next open file in history Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to other columns Ctrl + E, O
Previous files Ctrl + Tab
Activate Locator Ctrl + K
SwitchWelcomeMode Ctrl + 1
SwitchEditMode Ctrl + 2
SwitchDesignMode Ctrl + 3
SwitchDebuggingMode Ctrl + 4
SwitchProjectMode Ctrl + 5
SwitchAnalysisMode Ctrl + 6
SwitchHelpMode Ctrl + 7
Switch problem window Alt + 1 (Cmd + 1 on OS X)
Switch the search result window Alt + 2 (Cmd + 2 on OS X)
Switch application Output Window Alt + 3 (Cmd + 3 on OS X)
Switch the compilation Output Window Alt + 4 (Cmd + 4 on OS X)
Switch other output windows Alt + number (Cmd + NO. on OS X): Number in "Output Window"
Activate the Bookmarks window Alt + M
Activate File System window Alt + Y
Activate open document window Alt + O
Maximum output window Alt + 9
Output Window-Next item F6
Output Window-previous item Shift + F6
Activation project window Alt + X
Full Screen Ctrl + Shift + F11
Switch sidebar Alt + 0 (Cmd + 0 on OS X)
Undo Ctrl + Z
Move to edit mode. In editing mode: the first press to move the focus to the editor, and the second press to close the auxiliary window Esc
Exit Qt Creator Ctrl + Q
Edit shortcuts
Action Shortcut Key
Auto indent Ctrl + I
Fold Ctrl + <
Expand Ctrl +>
Triggered within this range Ctrl + Space
Copy row Ctrl + Ins
Copy to row Ctrl + Alt + Down
Copy to row Ctrl + Alt + Up
View clipboard history Ctrl + Shift + V
Cut row Shift + Del
Append row Ctrl + J
Insert a new row above the current row Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Insert a new row under the current row Ctrl + Enter
Reduce font size Ctrl +-(Ctrl + scroll wheel down)
Increase font size Ctrl ++ (Ctrl + scroll up)
Reset font size Ctrl + 0
Switch the Vim editing Style Alt + V, Alt + V
Partition Ctrl + E, 2
Left and right columns Ctrl + E, 3
Delete all shards Ctrl + E, 1
Delete current split Ctrl + E, 0
Select All Ctrl +
Jump to the end of a block Ctrl +]
Jump to block start Ctrl + [
Jump to the block ending} Ctrl +}
Jump to the block starting { Ctrl + {
Move the current row downward Ctrl + Shift + Down
Move the current row up Ctrl + Shift + Up
Activate refactoring in this range Alt + Enter
Repacking segment Ctrl + E, R
Select the current block, and press next to select the parent Block Ctrl + U
Enable text wrapping Ctrl + E, Ctrl + W
Comment the selected content Ctrl +/
Visualized Blank Ctrl + E, Ctrl + V
Resize Ctrl + J
Grid layout Ctrl + G
Horizontal Layout Ctrl + H
Vertical layout Ctrl + L
Preview Alt + Shift + R
Edit signal and slot F4
Toggle bookmarks CTRL + M
Next bookmarks Ctrl +.
Last bookmarks Ctrl +,
Get code snippets Alt + C, Alt + F
Paste code snippets Alt + C, Alt + P
Search for all references Ctrl + Shift + U
Symbol following the mouse F2
Rename the cursor symbol Ctrl + Shift + R
Switch function declaration/Definition Shift + F2
Open Type level window Ctrl + Shift + T
Switch header file/source file F4
The selected text is reduced to write Alt + U
Change the selected text to uppercase Alt + Shift + U
Execute static checks in JavaScript to find common problems Ctrl + Shift + C
Search and replace Ctrl + F
Search down F3
Search up Shift + F3
Find the next appearance of the selected text Ctrl + F3
Find the last appearance of the selected text Ctrl + Shift + F3
Replace and find the next Ctrl + =
Open Advanced Search Ctrl + Shift + F
Recording macro Alt + (
Stop recording macro Alt +)
Play the nearest macro Alt + R
Display Qt Quick Toolbar Ctrl + Alt + Space
Execute user behavior in FakeVim Mode Alt + V, n, where n is the number of user actions, from 1 to 9
Shortcut for image browser
Action Shortcut Key
Switch background Ctrl + [
Show outlines Ctrl +]
Zoom in Ctrl ++
Zoom out Ctrl +-
Screen Adaptation Ctrl + =
Original size Ctrl + 0
Qt Quick designer shortcut
Action Shortcut Key
Open the QML file that defines the selected component F2
Switch code editor/visual editor F4
Switch left sidebar Ctrl + Alt + 0
Switch to the right sidebar Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 0
Debugging shortcuts
Action Shortcut Key
Start/continue debugging F5
Stop debugging Shift + F5
Skip in one step F10
Single Step F11
One-Step Jump out Shift + F11
Switch breakpoint F9
Run to the selected Function Ctrl + F6
Execute to line Ctrl + F10
Opposite Direction F12 (none currently)
Project shortcut
Action Shortcut Key
Build a project Ctrl + B
Build all projects Ctrl + Shift + B
Create a project... Ctrl + Shift + N
Load project... Ctrl + Shift + O
Select build Kit to build and run the project Ctrl + T
Run Ctrl + R
Help shortcut
Action Shortcut Key
Context-related help F1
Activate content in help Mode Ctrl + T (none currently)
Add bookmarks Ctrl + M
Activate indexes in help Mode Ctrl + I (none)
Reset font size Ctrl + 0 (none)
Activate search in help Mode Ctrl + S (none currently)

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