RABBITMQ direct/fanout/topic Three types of Exchange Java code comparison

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Producer End

1. Creation of Channel

No matter what kind of exchange is used, creating the channel code is the same, as follows

1 New connectionfactory (); 2 factory.sethost ("localhost"); 3 Connection Connection = factory.newconnection (); 4 Channel channel = Connection.createchannel ();

2. Exchange creation

2.1 Direct

Direct uses the default Exchange, does not need to be declared, and requires a specified message to be sent to that queue

false false false null);

2.2 Fanout

Channel.exchangedeclare (Exchange_name, "fanout")

2.3 Topic as follows

Channel.exchangedeclare (exchange_name, "topic");

3. Sending of messages

3.1 Direct

null, Message.getbytes ());

3.2 fanout

null, Message.getbytes ());

3.3 topic

null, Message.getbytes ());

Cusumer End

1. Create Channel

New connectionfactory (); Factory.sethost ("localhost"== Connection.createchannel ();

2, the preparation before the message

2.1 Direct binding queue for message consumption

false false false null);

2.2 fanout, you need to first specify the exchange type Fanout

Channel.exchangedeclare (Exchange_name, "fanout"="");

2.3 topic

Channel.exchangedeclare (exchange_name, "topic"=for(String bindingkey:argv) {      Channel.queuebind (QueueName, Exchange_name, Bindingkey);}

3, the specific consumption message code is the same

Queueingconsumer consumer =NewQueueingconsumer (channel); Channel.basicconsume (Queue_name,true, consumer); while(true) {queueingconsumer.delivery Delivery=Consumer.nextdelivery (); Envelope ELP=Delivery.getenvelope (); String message=NewString (Delivery.getbody ()); System.out.println ("[x] Received '" + Message + "'"); Channel.basicack (Elp.getdeliverytag (),false); //Channel.basicnack ();?}

RABBITMQ direct/fanout/topic Three types of Exchange Java code comparison

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