Ransomware CoinVault: Get the money and give you a chance to restore the file

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Ransomware CoinVault: Get the money and give you a chance to restore the file

Restore a file for free

Recently, a new software named CoinVault ransomware, which uses 256-bit AES to encrypt the victim's hard disk. The software has a similar interface and will also prohibit vulnerability scanning. The difference is that the trojan will give the victim an "insulting handout": free recoveryOneFile opportunity, tell the victim that I can indeed restore your file.

Although this "handout" is provocative, in a sense, it is indeed the first malware to allow users to recover files for free.

Security personnel Moffit wrote on the Webroot blog

"What's special about this software is that this is the first Trojan I have ever seen that can be decrypted for free! This trojan allows you to select a file for decryption ."


Moffitt believes that the provision of free file recovery will increase the probability that users will pay ransom. He also believes that the software author is likely to release a zero-day Trojan version that is hard to be detected by antivirus software. Therefore, frequent data backup is the most effective way to deal with such software.

CoinVault is also very novel, and its user interface will run a 24-hour countdown. Many ransomware will discard the encryption key when the deadline expires, and CoinVault will increase the ransom amount and restart the countdown. This process continues until the user pays the full fee.

Defense methods


It is almost impossible to crack 2048-bit encrypted files with brute force. If you do not pay a ransom, you will lose everything, but we still have several things to do:

Avoid opening email attachments with unknown sources, especially in ZIP or RAR format. Actively update your anti-virus software. Update your operating system. Backup. If you have a real-time backup software, clear your computer and restore it. Create a network disk in the cloud and Back Up Files And photos. Users of ipvs7 should set the System Restore Point. Reformat your hard disk to ensure that CryptoLocker is permanently deleted, and then reinstall the operating system or restore your files from the backup.


For more information about how to protect your computer from being blackmailed by malware, see red/Black Alliance articles.


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