Raspberry Pi 2 installs mono3.0 to run mvc4 and mono3.0mvc4

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Raspberry Pi 2 installs mono3.0 to run mvc4 and mono3.0mvc4

Sudo apt-get update
Sudo apt-get upgrade
Sudo apt-get mono-complete
Http://www.linuxdot.net/down/jexus-5.4.3.tar.gz wget-c
Tar zxvf jexus-5.4.3.tar.gz
Cd jexus-5.4.3

Then download the patch, http://www.linuxdot.net/down/jws-5.4.3-pi.rar
1. download and install the jexus-5.4.2 or 5.4.3 or
2. If jexus is already working, stop it.
Copy the local shttpd.exe file to the jexus working folder (usually/usr/jexus) on Raspberry Pi, and overwrite the old file.
4. Run sudo./jws regsvr as an administrator in the jexus folder of Raspberry Pi.
5. Start jexus.

Start jws now (start it, add the jws command to $ PATH, and search for it by yourself)

(It may fail to be started)

Run the following command on the terminal:

Curl localhost/info
If you see welcome or the like, it means OK.

View port usage:

Is pi a built-in httpd? Apache. If you do not want to delete it, you can use the following command to stop or modify the listening port of jexus.

Sudo apt-get remove apache2

Modify the default file in the/usr/jexus/siteconf directory. Of course, you can create a new configuration file (For details, refer to the linuxdot.net community)

Mvc case sensitivity
Sudo vim/usr/jexus/jws
# Export MONO_IOMAP = "all"
Comment the previous #
Sudo./jws restart


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