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Use the Raspi-config Configuration tool to set up the Raspberry PiFebruary 5, 2016 admin Raspberry pi, hardware product heat: 82 ℃

The Raspi-config (Raspberry Pi Software Configuration tool) is an official Raspberry Pi utility that allows for a lot of system configuration on the Raspberry Pi. For example, expand the root partition of the Raspberry Pi, set the interface to start the Raspberry Pi, modify the default user password of the Raspberry Pi, change the language, set the time zone, Overclock and so on. Here's a little bit of learning.

First, enter the Raspi-config

In the desktop environment, thePi will automatically enter the Raspi-config configuration environment when it starts, and in the case of terminal or remote link, use the command to enter the raspi-config configuration environment.

sudo raspi-config

Using Sudo_raspi-config to enter the configuration interface

Tworaspi-config main configuration options.

The configuration environment is a blue graphical interface that can be moved up and down with the cursor, using ESC to exit the settings. The main configuration options are as follows:

1 Expand Filesystem ensures that all of the SD card storage are available to the OS

2 change user Password change Password for the default User (PI)

3 boot Options Choose whether to Boot in a desktop environment or the command line

4 Wait for network on boot Choose whether to Wait for network connection during Boot

5 internationalisation Options Set up language and regional settings to match your location

6 Enable Camera enable this PI to work with the Raspberry Pi Camera

7 Add to Rastrack Add this pi to the online Raspberry Pi Map (rastrack)

8 Overclock Configure overclocking for your Pi

9 Advanced Options Configure Advanced Settings

About Raspi-config information about this configuration tool

Raspi-config Configuration Interface

Three, configuration detailed1, Expand Filesystem

This option is extended file system, after installing the system, you can see that the root directory is only 3.5G, and the use of the memory card is 16G, so to use this option to extend the file system, the Raspberry Pi to expand the partition to the entire SD card, on this option to press ENTER.

[Email protected]:~ $ df-h
Filesystem Size used Avail use% mounted on
/dev/root 3.5G 3.2G 97M 98%/

After the extension is complete, you will be prompted to restart to see that the root partition has been extended to the entire SD card.

Extended File System complete2. Change User Password

Change the Raspberry Pi Default user pi password, enter the new password.

3. Boot Options

When you enter the environment at startup, you can choose to enter the desktop environment or character environment. A total of four choices, you can choose the configuration according to the actual situation, here I choose is the B3 Desktop desktop GUI, requiring user to login.

    • B1 Console Text console, requiring user to login
    • B2 console autologin Text console, automatically logged in as ' pi ' user
    • B3 Desktop desktop GUI, requiring user to login
    • B4 Desktop Autologin Desktop GUI, automatically logged in as ' pi ' user

Choose whether to boot into a desktop environment or the command line4.Wait for Network at Boot

This option is turned on when the network is waiting to connect, specifically what to do I do not know, we have to know can tell me. The options are as follows:

    • Chose boot option
    • Fast Boot without waiting for network connection
    • Slow Wait for network connection before completing boot
5 internationalisation Options

Internationalization option, you can change the default language, and you can change the time zone.

Internationalization optionsI1 Change Locale

Regional and language selection, it is recommended not to modify, using the default settings on the line, if changed to Chinese, use is possible garbled phenomenon, it is recommended not to modify the good, after all, the pi on the English is not difficult to understand.

I2 Change Timezone

Set the time zone, if the Raspberry Pi is not displayed accurately, select the Chinese time zone can solve the problem.

Select Asia and then select Shanghai to resolve the inaccurate time displayed on the Raspberry Pi.

I3 Change Keyboard Layout

Change the keyboard layout, there is generally no change, choose the default.

6. Enable Camera

Launch the Raspberry Pi camera module, if the Raspberry Pi camera module is installed, you can select Enable, otherwise select Disable to disable.

7. Add to Rastrack

Add your pi geographic information to the map, it is recommended not to open, so as not to disclose their information, but if you open it doesn't matter.


Overclocking settings, usually not recommended overclocking, if you think the Raspberry Pi performance is too weak, you need to use the overclocking situation, you can choose the appropriate overclocking options according to their needs. a total of 6 overclocking options.

    • Turbo 1000MHz ARM, 500MHz Core, 600MHz SDRAM, 6 Overvolt
    • Pi2 1000MHz ARM, 500MHz Core, 500MHz SDRAM, 2 Overvolt

Overclocking options9 Advanced Options

Advanced Settings

A1 Overscan

Do you want content to be displayed full screen

A2 Hostname

Set host name

A3 Memory Split

memory allocation, choosing how much memory to give to the GPU


Whether to turn on SSH connection

A5 Device Tree

Whether the device tree is enabled


Whether to start the SPI kernel driver by default

A7 i²c

Whether to turn on the I²c interface

A8 Serial

Whether to open the serial port

A9 Audio

Select whether the default output of the sound is an analog or HDMI port, or you can select Auto mode, which is automatically selected.

Audio output selectionTen about Raspi-config

Information about the Raspi-config.

This tool provides a straight-forward the doing initial

Configuration of the Raspberry Pi. Although it can be run

At any time, some of the options difficulties if

You have heavily customised your installation.

A10 Update

Upgrade the Raspi-config (Raspberry Pi software Configuration tool) to the latest version

Raspi-config Setting parsing

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