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This react native explains the topic: mainly explains the react native development, the basic environment constructs the configuration introduction, the foundation, the advanced related explanation.

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About react native all kinds of difficult diseases, the problem of Deep Pit Summary program click to view:

The React native environment tutorial for Mac and Windows installation is as follows:

    • Mac OS X version: Mac OS X Install React native environment Click to enter ....
    • Windows version: Windows System installation react native environment Click to enter ...

(a). Basic introduction:
React Native for Android is the great Internet company Facebook released on September 15, 2015, which allows us developers to develop our applications using JavaScript and React, which advocates component development, which means React Native provides us with a package of packaged components for developers to use, and even we can create new components with related nesting. With react native we can maintain the same business logic core code for multiple platforms (Web,android and iOS) to create native apps. The experience of the Web app is still unable to achieve the native app experience, so this side fackbook more emphasis is learn once,write everywhere, application front-end we use JS and react to develop different platform UI, The lower core modules write reusable business logic code to provide application development efficiency.
[Special note] Currently react native only supports iOS7 above on iOS, Android only supports Android4.1 above.
React Native Project GitHub address:
React Native Project official website document:

(b). Basic Primer:
1.React Native for Android environment configuration and first Instance
2.React native Development IDE Installation and configuration
3.React Native Application device operation (Running) and commissioning (debugging)
4.React native porting native Android projects
5.React Native Signature Package apk
6.React Native library version upgrade (upgrading) and downgrade tutorial

7.React Native Vscode IDE Super Development Plugin Introduction (smart, code reminder, run debugging ...)

(iii). Component Learning:
The view view of the 1.React native control is explained
2.1.React Native Configuration Run official example-Beginner's Gospel (Mac OS x version)
2.2.React Native Configuration Ultra-verbose compilation run React native official instance Uiexplorer project (Windows version)
Explanation of the text component of the 3.React native control
4.React native control's image component explanation and the top effect instance of the home page
5.React Native Control TextInput component explanation and QQ login Interface Realization
6.React native Control progressbarandroid progress bar explanation
7.React native control drawerlayoutandroid drawer navigation Switch module explained
The ScrollView component of the 8.React native control is explained
9.WebStorm development tool settings react native code smart Reminder
The Toolbarandroid toolbar control of the 10.React native control is explained and used
The switch switch of the 11.React native control is explained with the picker selector assembly and used
12.React native control viewpagerandroid explanation and the top effect instance of the American Group homepage
13.React native Control touchable* Series components detailed
Walkthrough of the ListView Component of the 14.React native control and a detailed example
15.React native control pulltorefreshviewandroid drop-down Refresh component explained
Description of the Refreshcontrol component of the 16.React native control
17.React Native Control WebView component details and instance usage
Description of the Navigator component of the 18.React native control and examples
19.React Native control Cilpboard Paste Board use detailed

20.React native control datepickerandroid Time Date Selector component explained

21.React native control StatusBar status bar detailed

22.React Native Control Pickerios selector-adaptation to iOS development

22.React Native Control Segmentedcontrolios segmented components-adaptation to iOS development

23.React Native Control Sliderios slider assembly details-Adaptation to iOS development

Tabbarios and Tabbarios.item components of the 24.React native control and examples

25.React Native control Progressviewios Progress loading components and examples

26.React Native Control Activityindicatorios progress indicator components and examples

27.React native control timepickerandroid time Selector component details and examples

(iii). API Module Learning:

1.React Native API Module Toastandroid detailed and use
2.React Native API Module alert pop-up box and use
3.React Native API Module Appstate detailed

4.React Native API Module NetInfo (Network information) use detailed

5.React Native API Module Asyncstorage (persistent storage) use detailed

6.React Native API Module Dimensions screen width high detailed

7.React Native API Module Backandroid block back key event handling detailed

8.React Native API Module Stylesheet style sheet detailed

9.React Native API Module Pixelratio device pixel density detailed

10.React Native API Module Alertios bullet frame details-adaptation to iOS development

11.React Native API Module Appstateios operational status-adaptation to iOS development

12.React Native API Module Actionsheetios Click on the box to learn more about iOS development

(iv). React Native Advanced:
1.React native Awesome layoutanimation (layout animation)
2.React Native Control Component Encapsulation Instance (button)

(v). React Native Open Source project:

1.Pober wong_17 Children's shoes for pure React Native Project, open Source address: Https://
2. Nie Fengdong Shoes "All watch film and television "React native project, open Source address: HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/CHANGFUGUO/DOUKANMV
3." News reading reading "React native project, Project address:/HTTP
4. Son Xiao Bai made "relative title calculator" React native project, Project address: counterrelative-react-native/
5.﹌ ♂ Pure react native iOS open source project, open Source address:     or article address:
6. Chengdu-Just4Fun do the pure react native iOS open source project, project address:
7.lookingstars Pure react Native Imitation American team iOS open source Project address:/HTTP
8.race604 made pure react native know the daily Open source project (Android/ios), open source address: https://
9. @vczero do pure React Native watercress Search Client, open Source address: react-native-dou-source/
@tabalt Pure react Native News client, open Source address:

@starzhy do the pure react native iOS client, project address:

@iSimar Pure react Native Hacker News Client (Android, IOS), Project address:

@xiekw2010 Pure react Native GitHub client, compatible with Android, iOS platform, open source address:

@kailuo99 Pure react Native News headlines client, mainly for iOS platform, project address:

@SFantasy Pure react Native News headlines client, mainly for iOS platform, project address:

React Native Special Topic

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