Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to Build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu., railsubuntu

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Ruby on Rails Session 1: How to Build a Ruby on Rails on the Ubuntu., railsubuntu
About Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an application stack that provides developers with a framework to quickly create a variety of web applications. ruby on Rails does take a little while to install on a virtual server, but luckily there are a lot of helpful tools to make this process as easy as possible. you can run this tutorial on your droplet as a user with sudo privileges. you can check out how to set that up here: Ubuntu Server Setup

Step One-Install Ruby with RVM

Before we do anything else, we shocould run a quick update to make sure that all of the packages we download to our VPS are up to date:

sudo apt-get update

Once that's done, we can start installing RVM, Ruby Version Manager. this is a great program that lets you use several versions of Ruby on one server; however, in this case, we will just use it to install the latest version of Ruby on the droplet.

If you do not have curl on your system, you can start by installing it:

sudo apt-get install curl

To install RVM, open terminal and type in this command:

\curl -L | bash -s stable

After it is done installing, load RVM. You may first need to exit out of your shell session and start up a new one.

source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm

In order to work, RVM has some of its own dependences es that need to be installed. To automatically install them:

rvm requirements

You may need to enter your root password to allow the installation of these dependencies.

On occasion the zlib package may be reported as missing. The RVM page describes the issue and the solution in greater detail here.

Step Two-Install Ruby

Once you are using RVM, installing Ruby is easy.

rvm install ruby

The latest ruby is now installed. However, since we accessed it through a program that has a variety of Ruby versions, we need to tell the system to use the version we just installed by default.

rvm use ruby --default
Step Three-Install RubyGems

The next step makes sure that we have all the required components of Ruby on Rails. We can continue to use RVM to install gems; type this line into terminal.

 rvm rubygems current
Step Four-Install Rails

Once everything is set up, it is time to install Rails. To start, open terminal and type in:

gem install rails

This process may take a while, be patient with it. Once it finishes you will have Ruby on Rails installed on your droplet.



-- Source to network.

For Ruby on Rails

If you are using rails 2.X
You can connect in the following format in database. yml:

Adapter: sqlserver
Database: database Name
Host: database server address
Username: Account
Password: password

Should I first learn the ruby language before learning ruby on rails?

You need to learn something, but you don't need to learn too deeply at the beginning. You can start to learn ruby on rails by learning some basic knowledge. If you have some knowledge of ror, you still need to look back and add ruby knowledge. Some domestic people write the ror entry book. I remember there was a red-skinned "ror completely self-taught manual", which is ruby first, which took a lot of space and then talked about ror. However, I still recommend books written by foreign users. The ruby Classic is programing ruby, which contains a lot of content. I recommend you read the ruby entry-level classics translated by chapter Hua. ruby mentioned above is quite good, the basic knowledge of ror is also attached. There is another ruby for rails. As the name suggests, this book is well-known, but I personally feel that the translation is not good. If you want to read it, I suggest reading the original version, you can also read the previous book.

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