Send emails, CC + attachments, and multiple recipients in Linux

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Linux has a powerful sendmail server, but such emails are often considered spam. The following code can be used to log on to your mailbox to send emails, add CC recipients, add attachments, and send emails to multiple recipients. Where:

The body of the email is in/APP/opt/Oracle/mail.txt, And/APP/opt/Oracle/ is an attachment.


Declare <br/> pass varchar2 (20): = 'z1234 ';--???? <Br/> begin <br/> for C in (select. username from dba_users A, icaps_user B where 'Z' | B. username =. username) loop <br/> execute immediate 'alter user' | C. username | 'identified by' | pass; <br/> end loop; <br/> end; </P> <p> #! /Usr/bin/ENV python <br/> Import smtplib, mimetypes <br/> from email import encoders <br/> from email. mimebase import mimebase <br/> from email. mimetext import mimetext <br/> from email. mimemultipart import mimemultipart <br/> Import email <br/> Import time </P> <p> femail = 'xxx @ '<br/> temail = ['yyyyy @ ', 'sssss @ '] <br/> ccmail = ['zzzzz @ ', 'ggggg @ '] </P> <p> to_string = ''<br/> for item in temail: <br/> to_string + = item + ', '</P> <p> cc_string = ''<br/> for Item1 in ccmail: <br/> cc_string + = Item1 + ', '</P> <p> MSG = mimemultipart () <br/> MSG ['from'] = femail <br/> MSG ['to'] = to_string <br/> subject = "cash flow reports for all hotels" <br /> F = file ('/APP/opt/Oracle/mail.txt ') <br/> # If no mode is specified, 'R' EAD mode is assumed by default <br/> # While true: <br/> # line = f. readline () <br/> # If Len (line) = 0: # Zero Length indicates EOF <br/> # Break <br/> # content = line <br/> # print line, </P> <p> # notice comma to avoid automatic newline added by python <br/> content = f. read () <br/> F. close () # Close the file <br/> # print content <br/> MSG ['subobject'] = subject <br/> MSG ['reply-to'] = femail <br/> # MSG ['cc'] = cc_string <br/> MSG ['date'] = time. ctime (time. time ()) </P> <p> MSG ['x-priority '] = '''3' <br/> MSG ['x-msmail-priority'] ='' 'normal''' <br/> print content <br/> dfff = "Du-h" <br/> # Body = Email. mimetext. mimetext (''' "DD" + content "DD" ''', _ subtype = 'html', _ charset = 'utf-8') <br/> # MSG. attach (body) <br/> msgtext = mimetext (content, 'plain ', '') <br/> MSG. attach (msgtext) </P> <p> filename = R'/APP/opt/Oracle/ '<br/> fp = open (filename, 'rb ') <br/> ctype, encoding = mimetypes. guess_type (filename) <br/> If ctype is none or encoding is not none: <br/> ctype = 'application/octet-stream' <br/> maintype, subtype = ctype. split ('/', 1) <br/> M = mimebase (maintype, subtype) <br/> M. set_payload (FP. read () <br/> FP. close () <br/> encoders. encode_base64 (m) <br/> m.add_header('content-disposition', 'attachment', filename=' ') <br/> MSG. attach (m) </P> <p> S = smtplib. SMTP ('mail ') <br/> # Sing in email with password <br/> S. login (femail, 'xxxxxxx') <br/> S. sendmail (femail, temail, MSG. as_string () <br/> Print 'mailing... '<br/> S. close ()

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