Solaris software manages FTP and solaris software ftp

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Solaris software manages FTP and solaris software ftp

Install Common Software

Relationship between applications and system commands:

The system command file is located under/bin/sbin or shell commands to complete basic management of the system. Generally, it is run on the Character operation interface; it generally includes command words, command options, and command parameters.

The application file is located under/usr/bin/usr/sbin to complete relatively independent auxiliary tasks. It can be run in the graphic interface as needed. There is no fixed execution format. (For example, oracle)

Configuration file/etc log var/log file usr/share/

Encapsulation type of common software packages:

Binary Package:. gz cooked eggs (targeted)

Source code package: .tar.gz .tar.bz2 can be installed on different unix systems

Package that provides the installer

Green installation-Free Software Package


PKG command set

Pkginfo: displays information about the installation package.

Pkginfo | wc-l count the number of installed packages

Pkginfo-l | more

The Pkginfo-l package displays the information of the specified package.

Pkgadd add package

-D must exist. You can install the software pkgadd-d path package name from the CD and local directory, and enter the package name.

Of course, we also have a way to install from the warehouse. At this time, we can omit d, first put the package into the warehouse, the warehouse path is fixed, and then check the software information.

Pkgchk check if software installation is complete

The following shows the package for ls installation.

Pkgrm Delete Software Package



FTP service

For file transfer between different systems, ftp is usually used now. Of course, we can install some ftp terminals. Or samba.

FTP + web occupies 80% of internet services. There are two types of FTP: Anonymous FTP Server (available to all users) and system FTP Server (Valid users can log on to the system)

Vi/etc/ftpd/ftpusers open and comment out the root, so that the root user can log on.

Now unix is the server, and you need to enable the ftp service. Svcadm enable ftp. View svcs ftp

Common FTP commands:

Open the ftp server on Windows:

The Prom can disable the interaction mode. mget file *

Of course, we can also use the put command to upload files to unix systems. Generally, it is uploaded to the current directory.

Pkgadd-d + package name

In this case, bin is used to transmit files in binary format. This is on windows. By default, data is transmitted in binary mode in Unix.

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