Travel website program, travel website template (based on thinkphp)

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Provides various official and user-released code examples and code reference. You are welcome to exchange and learn about ErdaiCms's built-in flexible data analysis module, provides powerful data guidance for website operations by analyzing user search habits, order data, member data, PC and mobile data.
MVC layered Mode
The MVC application is divided into three core components: Model (M), view (V), and controller (C). It is not a new concept, only ErdaiCms was the first to apply it to the travel website CMS.

Data Analysis
ErdaiCms has a built-in flexible data analysis module that provides statistical analysis for user search habits, order data, member data, PC and mobile terminals, providing powerful data guidance for website operations.

Cloud peers
ErdaiCms will gradually increase support for the travel industry, exchange in the same industry, sell at the end of a single order, and release the same industry resources for procurement. This will become very simple and efficient.

Security Policy
Provides robust security policies, including Backup recovery, fault tolerance, malicious attack logon prevention, web page tampering prevention, and many other security management functions to ensure system security, reliability, and stability.

Template program Separation
Using the template and program separation technology, you can quickly call various style templates without understanding program development. At the same time, the program has multiple built-in templates, and the background supports one-click switching.

Paid Open Source
We provide paid open-source services for powerful, qualified, and on-demand travel service customers. You can develop and expand the system in depth, without any worries about the rapid development of the system in the future.

Automatic notification of group expiration
The automatic expiration email reminder function for group period and quotation allows you to set the number of days for advance reminder. You can specify one or more email reminder email addresses to monitor the line quotation status at any time to avoid order loss.

Baidu active and automatic submission
Built-in functions of the Baidu active submission and automatic submission module allow you to submit website content links to Baidu indexing and capturing in real time. Original protection is faster, which is officially recommended by Baidu.

Destination Management
Different from traditional tourism product-oriented management methods, the second generation of tourism CMS provides unique destination management methods. routes, visa news, and strategy under the destination are combined into a whole, making management more convenient and convenient, visitors experience better.

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