UltraEdit advanced usage skills and ultraedit usage skills

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UltraEdit advanced usage skills and ultraedit usage skills

UltraEdit is one of the highlights of many ides. It has powerful functions. Here we will talk about some of its useful functions.

Column Mode

Many people prefer UltraEdit because of its column mode.

Enter column mode: Alt + C

How to annotate multiple rows

1. Enter the column mode.
2 select multiple rows
3. Add annotator

Calculate the sum of multiple columns

1. Enter the column mode.
2. Select columns for Statistics
3 columns -- Column Selection statistics

For more column mode operations, refer to here

The Script script in UltraEdit only supports ASCII/ANSI files encoding, And the UTF-8 is a few common commands that may cause errors

Var str = UltraEdit. getString ("Please Enter a String:", 1 );

UltraEdit. activeDocument. write ("")
Input text of the current active article

UltraEdit. getValue ("Please enter an integer", 1 );
The display interface is the same as UltraEdit. getString.

UltraEdit.doc ument. length
Obtain the number of currently opened documents
Use ultraedit.doc ument [x] to enumerate the currently opened documents

UltraEdit: Obtain the content in the clipboard.
UltraEdit. clipboardContent

Obtain the clipboard serial number and select the clipboard
UltraEdit. clipboardIdx
UltraEdit. selectClipboard (2 );

Output to the output box
UltraEdit. outputWindow. write ("This is a test .");

The simplest hello world script


12 var str = UltraEdit.getString("Please Enter a String:",1);UltraEdit.activeDocument.write(str);

Save as test. js


Script -- script -- add


Note: All errors are displayed in the output window during debugging. If the program cannot run properly, debug the program in the output window, or use UltraEdit. outputWindow for debugging.

How do I redirect functions and classes?

Many people like the Ctrl + mouse jump feature of Eclipse, which is also available in UltraEdit.

Use ctag

1. Create a project
2. Project -- create a ctag File
3. Locate function definitions by F11

Other Tips: how to save the current Ultredit settings

Advanced-custom backup/recovery

For more operations, refer to here

How to Remove empty rows

Directly use replace (ctrl + R)
"^ P $" Replace ""

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