Ultraedit-column editing shortcut: Ctrl + c --> select the column to be deleted --> Delete the entire column.

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Ultraedit is an editor that meets all your editing needs. Ultraedit is a powerful text editor that can edit text, hexadecimal, and ASCII code. It can replace notepad with built-in single-word check, C ++, and VB commands, you can edit multiple files at the same time, and the speed of enabling a large file is not slow. The software is equipped with HTML Tag color display, search replacement, and unlimited restoration functions. You generally like to use it to modify EXE or DLL files.

Code folding
Supports 64-bit File Processing (standard) on all 32-bit Windows platforms ).
Unicode support
Disk-based text editing and large file processing-Support for files larger than 4 GB, even several megabytes


We often find that the disabled Notepad program cannot meet some of our editing requirements, one of which is column selection.

When we need to extract a column of data, we have no way to start, or even paste all the data into Excel, and then we can get the data we want after several steps, now the column editing of ultraedit makes these dummies. (For details, see Excel skills-separating column data)

Bytes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Shortcut Key: Ctrl + F2 add current behavior bookmarks (Press f2 to move to the next tag, ALT + F2 to move to the previous tag)

Shortcut Key: Alt + C to enter the column editing mode (you can delete a column)

Bytes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After that, you can use the mouse to select a Square area. Delete, copy all you like.
If you want to add a 'test' to the second character of each row, position the cursor to the first row and the second column in column editing mode.
Column/(insert/fill column)
You can also use this function to insert rows. The copy and paste operations in the column editing status are very interesting and can achieve unexpected results in some cases.

Ultraedit tips

Ultraedit is a daily tool. however, the functions actually used are only a very small part of the powerful functions of this tool. flexible use of this tool can sometimes achieve twice the result with half the effort. record and collect tips to help others. this is because I was surprised when I used the "column editing" method. I never knew this method before. this is also one of the purposes of writing this memo document.

Tip 1:How to remove the lines in the edited text that contain a specific string?
This tip is mentioned in the Help File of ultraedit. CTRL + R to call out the Replace window, select "use regular expression", and then use % *Your string* ^ Replace P with null content. for example, if I have a text file, I need to remove all rows containing the http://www.dbanotes.net/string and replace % * http://www.dbanotes.net/##p with null. note that ^ P is a line break of the DOS file type. for UNIX files, use ^ n.

Tip 2:How to add specific characters such as commas (,) at the end of a row?
With the above experience (in fact, I learned from my colleagues for the first time), press Ctrl + R to call out the Replace window and select "use regular expression ". then you can find ^ P (or ^ N, if it is a UNIX file) and use, ^ P (or, ^ N) to "replace all. in addition, if it is a MAC (Apple) file, the line break is ^ r.

Tip 3:How to delete empty rows?
Refer to the above two examples, find ^ p $ and replace it with null.

It seems that the regular expression needs to be learned.

Tip 4:How to add a timestamp to an edited File?
You can try the F7 shortcut?

Tip 5:Why is the copy/paste function unavailable??
I have used ultraedit several times and found that the copied and pasted content does not match. somehow, I simply restarted my notebook. today, I suddenly realized that ultraedit has 10 clipboard (Clipboard) and uses Ctrl + 0-Ctrl + 9 to switch them. CTRL + 0 is windows, and others are user-defined. I mistakenly call Ctrl + N during the use process, and the result content will be faulty. have you ever met?

Tip 6:Even opening a small file is delayed.?
This is a problem I encountered. Every time I open a file, there will always be a few seconds of delay. My machine performance is not bad. What's wrong? Network Printer is a ghost! Open "advanced"-> "Settings"-> "Editor"-> "advanced" to see if "load/restore printer settings" is selected "? If yes, remove it (the location may vary depending on the version or Chinese version ).

Tip 7: Delete the content of the current row Ctrl + e, edit the column Alt + C, and delete the entire row Ctrl + E

Tip 8: function list function F8

Tip 9: Click tab to indent the selected code block.

Tip 10: Be good at using the right-click function of UE
Remove spaces at the end of a row

Tip 11: sorting and removing duplicates
File-> sort-> advanced sort

Tip 12: auto-complete AutoComplete
Configuration-> edit-> automatically complete the file

Tip 13:Search for ending brackets, CTRL + B
When writing a program, parentheses are usually matched one by one, but if there are too many nesting, what should I do? Place the cursor at the beginning of the bracket and press Ctrl + B. ue will help you find the end of the bracket. You can also try to press Ctrl + B several times.

Tip 14:Find the currently selected content, F3
By default, when you press F3, the UE can find the selected content. F3 is the next conforming content, and CTRL + F3 is the previous conforming content. (check the advanced/configuration/find tag)

Tip 15: bookmarks Ctrl + F2
There are many lines in the program. You can remember the number of lines you want, press Ctrl + G, and enter the row number to the row. However, I think it is more convenient to use Ctrl + F2. For example, you need to switch between multiple functions frequently. You can press Ctrl + F2 at the start of the function to add a bookmark to this row. Then, click Ctrl + F2 at the start of another function. If there is a bookmarkdonet, the background color of the word will be different. When you want to switch to the next bookmarks, press F2, but what should you do with the previous tag? CTRL + F2? No, hey, you just need to add the bookmarks or cancel the bookmarks for the current row. It should be Alt + F2.

Tip 16:Multiple built-in clipboard
Right click to see
Clipboards with 10 Built-in clipboard. Windows copy can only copy one content. If you want to copy multiple contents and paste them in different ways, the 10 clipboard should be enough for you.
The CTRL + 0-9 numeric key is used to switch between the clipboard. For example
CTRL + 1, and then copy the content ""
CTRL + 2, and then copy the content "B"
If you want to paste a, press Ctrl + 1 under 1 and then Ctrl + v. If you want paste B, press Ctrl + 2 and then Ctrl + v.

From: http://hi.baidu.com/epsilondragon/item/31cc100bd03c05dc73e676f8
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