VIM settings-discover the beauty of VIM and set vim

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VIM settings-discover the beauty of VIM and set vim

When I raised the code in Linux today, I suddenly found that I didn't even highlight the code. I searched for it on the Internet and found a great microblog.

This record:

Very good and powerful. After decompression, vimrc is in the root directory. Replace/usr/share/vim/vimrc.

One of the two dislikes is to display a horizontal line under the cursor line. First, comment out the set cursorline. I thought it was successful,

The result is not displayed in the command line, but still displayed when the text is inserted. I cannot find it online. I read it myself and found the two rows

Just remove it.

"Autocmd InsertLeave * se nocul" highlight the current line with a light color "autocmd InsertEnter * se cul" highlight the current line with a light color

Thank you for your masterpiece.

In linux, how should I set vi = 'vim?

One-time use
Alias vi = 'vim 'to take effect again, edit the. bashrc
Alias vi = vim

How can I enable the configuration file in vim in linux?

First, go to the color directory (/usr/share/vim62/colors) of vim. Different system directories are different ~ /Create the. vim directory and create the corresponding folders and files in the directories)

[Hadoop @ cluster3 ~] $ Ls/usr/share/vim/vim72/colors/
Blue. vim desert. vim morning. vim README.txt torte. vim
Darkblue. vim elflord. vim murphy. vim ron. vim zellner. vim
Default. vim evening. vim pablo. vim shine. vim
Delek. vim koehler. vim peachpuff. vim slate. vim

And then start with your own ~ HOME/create a. vimrc document

[Hadoop @ cluster3 ~] $ Vi. vimrc
: Colorscheme evening
# If you select another scheme, you only need to replace evening.

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