Webhook Practice--php Automatic deployment

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Webhook Practice--php Automatic deployment

1. Deploy Gogs

Reference blog: use Gogs to build your own Git server

2. Add the SSH public key of Git

Because it is a gogs deployed with a git user, the next step is to configure the SSH public key on the server with a git account.

First generate the secret key on the host:

[[email protected] ~]$ ssh-keygen -t dsa -p  ""  -f ~/.ssh/id_ Dsagenerating public/private dsa key pair. created directory  '/home/xiaozhenkai/.ssh '. Your identification has been saved in /home/xiaozhenkai/.ssh/id_dsa. Your public key has been saved in /home/xiaozhenkai/.ssh/id_dsa.pub.the  key fingerprint is:ec:ca:56:5d:75:5a:3a:71:e2:d7:a6:1e:1e:4d:ba:eb [email protected] The key ' s randomart image is:+--[ dsa 1024]----+|                  | |               + +| |              o o.| |        .    . = =| |         s. .   o | |       &NBSP, ....  .   = .| |       &NBSP, ....     o + | |      ...      +  | |      .o      . e. |+-----------------+

Copy the host secret key

[[email protected] .ssh]$ cat ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub ssh-dss aaaab3nzac1kc3maaacbapc /kogp7piw2hwbzredf9omnh/uqutk9pfowkw796/eroluze8on+ibzkhgjt+/ chrqbesgku1qj4bvsdaojxlogfkpzmbsweo3ainwqx44dnxgo8itg2ss6okcsuj8obiobycp4ki6gbdlsnxu4b/ bkbve0trbejevperfp40xaaaafqdct3x9teze15jwxlvspuiur/mg9waaaiea0da28/ Qdpnrvj5x2t3jubb2ekga969kwduhqv618s5doikwvqhurwlxq1/pjazeaggunfmjsxtsrxbtdnes7psosntfkbcztvnpyd5zd+ omr6znsphxtkudupk/zr6k2gristd+otnqxsux2h7wafworjytc0ichckpud1acbrwaaacay8b/zcuo0gxayd/ Wmsouszsuxa4wfvyfkfm9qvexudv91bfqhbnddpmkxgdqh2gocghd4cjx1pebmbnkysft0latekiyvn6tnvl+yoebqt77hvid/ Xdxf8wiztz0l6bl1k8xc7timhbkw9dngifyuanhww+ozfu2x9t51pvslna= [email protected] 

Login Gogs, the user set the--SSH key--Add the secret key, and then added the copied master key to the Gogs.

3, Configuration Webhook

First, a server that responds to Webhook is configured on the server

A PHP file in response to Webhook, the file content is as follows:

<?php//git webhook  Automatic deployment script//Project Storage physical path $path =  "Your_git_path"; $requestBody  =file_get_ Contents ("Php://input");if  (Empty ($requestBody))  {    die (' Send fail ');} $content  = json_decode ($requestBody,  true); Var_dump ($content);; /If the main branch and the number of commits is greater than 0//if  ($content [' ref ']== ' refs/heads/master ' &&  $content [' Total_commits_count '] >0)  {if  ($content [' ref ']== ' Refs/heads/master ')  {     $res  =  Shell_exec ("cd {$path}&& git pull 2>&1");//with Nginx user run           $res _log = '-------------------------'. php_eol;         $res _log .=  $content [' user_name '] .   ' in '  . date (' y-m-d h:i:s ')  .  ' to '  .  $content [' Repository '] [' name ']  .  ' project '   $content [' Ref '] .  ' branch push '  .  $content [' Total_commits_cOunt '] .  ' a commit: '   php_eol;     $res _log .=  $res. php_eol;        echo  $res _log;   file_put_contents ("Git-webhook.txt",  $res _log, file_append);//Append write     }

Note: PHP functions cannot disable shell_exec, and there is no way to execute system commands after disabling.

This article is from the "Ericshaw notes" blog, so be sure to keep this source http://xiaozhenkai.blog.51cto.com/1029756/1949841

Webhook Practice--php Automatic deployment

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