What are the mobile browsers, and what are the cores respectively?

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UC Browser, QQ browser, open Gate browser, Baidu Mobile browser, 360 Security browser, Google Browser, Sogou Mobile browser, Cheetah browser, other browser

Domestic UC and QQ, Baidu and other mobile browsers are based on the WebKit modified kernel, the domestic not self-developed core, like the domestic mobile phone operating system are based on Android modified

There are only four browser cores worldwide
At present, there are only four independent browser cores, namely Microsoft IE's Trident, Netscape was originally developed and sold to the Mozilla Foundation and evolved into Firefox's Gecko, KDE's open source kernel WebKit and opera (open Gate) Presto. Among them, Presto is the oldest kernel in the history.
At present, Microsoft's Trident on the mobile terminal mainly for the WP7 system built-in browser
Opera's Presto core is used on all networked devices, mainly opera mobile, Operamini, open Gate Browser, and open Gate HD beta
The WebKit kernel has a wide range of applications, with Android native browsers, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome (Android4.0) based on the WebKit open source kernel.

The pros and cons of the four browser cores
1.Trident: Because in the early period IE occupies a lot of market share, so a lot of pages were written according to this Trident standard, but in fact, this kernel is not very good for the real web Standard support, and there are many security bugs.
2.Gecko: The advantage is powerful, rich, can support many complex Web page effects and browser extension interface, the disadvantage is to consume a lot of resources, such as memory.
3.Webkit: The advantage is that Webkit has a clear source structure, very fast rendering speed, the disadvantage is that the compatibility of the page code is low, will make some of the non-standard pages can not be displayed correctly.
The 4.presto:presto kernel is known as the fastest-viewing kernel for browsing Web pages, and is the most compatible kernel for processing JS scripts, and works perfectly with Windows, Macs, and Linux operating systems.

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What are the mobile browsers, and what are the cores respectively?

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