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What are the current browsers that support WebGL?

Google Chrome + Mozilla Firefox 4+ Safari 5.1+ (Mac OS X OS only, excluding Windows) Opera Alpha and above ie9+, but IE does not support WEBGL, but you can download and install IEWEBGL this plugin WebGL is a 3D drafting standard that allows the combination of JavaScript and OpenGL ES 2.0, and by adding a JavaScript binding to OpenGL ES 2.0,

404 jump, but some browsers do not support it. what should I do?

404 jump, but some browsers do not support my htacess for sample writing lt; IfModule nbsp; mod_rewrite.c gt; ErrorDocument nbsp; 404 nbsp; test. php lt; IfModule gt; chromff many of them can jump normally. However, 360ie does not jump. What should I do? Chrome can be redirected. As follows: ---- 404 jump, but some bro

Css wants to introduce a font by itself. Is it a little afraid that different browsers do not support it?

Css wants to introduce a font by itself. Is it a little afraid that different browsers do not support it? Css wants to introduce a font by itself. Is it a little afraid that different browsers do not support it? Reply content: Css wants to introduce a font by itself. Is it a little afraid that different

Browsers do not support JavaScript, please refresh the page manually!

Recently the local site suddenly appeared this inexplicable content ~!!It would have been the content of the navigation bar of the website (pulled through Ajax)The result is replaced with this content, and the code with JS, always let the entire page automatically refreshI don't know what the situation is.1 HTML>2 Head>3 Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8">4 Head>5 NoScript>

Support for JavaScript date. parse function parameters-"Short Date Format" in various browsers

debugging, but Firefox sometimes does not support some elements and attributes. What's worse is that "when performing control verification, when verification fails, the focus is removed from the verified control, and the focus of the other three browsers is not moved ". In fact, the most depressing thing about me is the page cache. Sometimes the "Running cache pages instead of the latest pages" problem o

Support for CSS pseudo-classes with selector selectors by various browsers

Note: √ means full support Delta means yes, but some questions exist. The effect is obviously not supported. I. Support for CSS pseudo classes: 2. Support for (selector) selectors After reading the list above, I don't know if you have found a problem. IE6's support for the. class selector turned out to be Delta.

About Mozilla browsers do not support innertext solutions _javascript Tips

Like what: We use code: Alert ((document.getElementById ("Test")). innertext) In IE, chrome, can get "Hello, world!", but in Firefox, but get "undefined". The original is that Firefox does not support elements of the innertext this attribute. Of course, there are many good ways to solve this problem on the web, such as adding a property (reader) to the HtmlElement prototype. However, all text nodes have n

What are the mobile browsers, and what are the cores respectively?

WebKit open source kernel.The pros and cons of the four browser cores1.Trident: Because in the early period IE occupies a lot of market share, so a lot of pages were written according to this Trident standard, but in fact, this kernel is not very good for the real web Standard support, and there are many security bugs.2.Gecko: The advantage is powerful, rich, can support many complex Web page effects and b

What are the dual-core browsers

browser market has also been affected by the WebKit, the "dual-core" unique way to present. It is understood that Sogou first released based on WebKit and IE dual-core (that is, support both browser engine) after the browser, roaming, Tencent has also invested in the embrace of dual-core, and 360 is also officially launched the emphasis on "seamless dual-core" technology, a new generation of dual-core browser--360 Speed browser. Jinshan also launched

What's the maximum length of a URL in different browsers?

this all HTTP senders and recipients support, at a minimum, request-line lengths of 8000 octets. ... and the realityThat's what the standards say. For the reality-see-this-the-boutell.com-to-see-What individual browser and server implementations would support. It ' s worth a read, but the executive summary is:

IE does not support transparent PNG images. What should I do?

IE does not support transparent PNG images. What should I do? Solution : IE directly does not support the transparent effect of images in PNG format, but this problem can be solved through the alphaimageloader filter. Procedure : Code Example: PNG transparency:PNG opacity: Note: before using this code, make sure that the PNG Image has a transparent p

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