Windows 8 64-bit running Silverlight program cannot access the WCF solution, windows8.164

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Windows 8 64-bit running Silverlight program cannot access the WCF solution, windows8.164

The company's project is Silverlight + WCF, and my current project is a Win8 64-bit system, which has never been able to run the Silverlight program normally. A colleague found the solution and shared it.

One case is that the project cannot be loaded when Vs2010 runs the program. In this case, you need to run

The second case is that VS2010 cannot run IIS for program debugging. In this case, you need to set IIS permissions, such:

Grant Permissions

In the third case, the program can run in the browser, but the WCF Service cannot be executed. The solution is as follows:

Activate Http in the Windows function WCF Service, color it, and OK!

The Connection Program between silverlight and WCF is problematic. It is estimated that the permission is incorrect. Check that I can connect to the database using silverlight to connect to wcf without any problem, and that using methods to connect silverlight to the wcf connection
I installed 64-bit windows 81 Professional Edition on my computer, but since a lot of software at work cannot be run on Win8, I would like to select an old disk when it will have an impact on win8.

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