[Windows Server 2012] Installing the Php+mysql method

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★ Welcome to The Guardian God · V Classroom, website address: http://v.huweishen.com
★ Guardian God · V Classroom is a Web site dedicated to providing server instructional video for the Guardian God, updated weekly video.
★ This section we will lead everyone: Php+mysql installation and Construction station method
· IIS does not support PHP functionality by default and requires the application to be installed separately.
• To simplify user installation of PHP, this section will use the PHP suite developed by the Guardian God, which automatically configures PHP and MySQL, as well as security settings.

1. Preparatory work
• Check if IIS is installed, and if not, refer to the "IIS installation Method" video of my station.
• Download the PHP Suite installation package to http://www.huweishen.com/soft/php/.
PHP has multiple versions to choose from, and the installation method is the same; This section selects the php5.6 version, a 64-bit version developed specifically for Windows 2008 and Windows 2012.

2. Install PHP Suite
• It is recommended to install to a non-system disk, primarily the MySQL database stored in that directory.
• The kit is configured to the default configuration for most PHP programs, and if your program is special, you can change the php.ini yourself.

So the php+mysql is ready to be installed.

3. Create a PHP site
• Note: In order to make your viewing easier, we do not involve security factors.
• If you need to know how to create a secure site, watch the "Secure Site Creation method" video from my station.
The Web site is stored in d:\wwwroot\discuz\ to add users access, and a Web subdirectory is created to hold the PHP program.
Bound Domain Name: test.huweishen.com

4, install a set of PHP program
• We take discuz as an example, the installer I have downloaded to the desktop.
• Create a database; From a security standpoint, it is not recommended to use the root account to connect to the database, so we create a secure account manually.
The Discuz is already accessible.

If you need to create more PHP sites, repeat the 3, 4-step operation.
Now that this section is over, please visit the Guardian God website (www.huweishen.com) for more instructional videos.

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[Windows Server 2012] Installing the Php+mysql method

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