Zimbra Uninstall directions for linux/all other Operating Systems

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Uninstall directions for Linux/all other Operating Systems

As Root:
1) Run the commands:
Zmcontrol Stop
(You should is root after you run exit)

2a) Run the command:ps-ef | grep-i zimbra
If you see Running processes
2b) Kill any lingering processes:kill-9 <pid>

3a) Run the command:DF
If you see "AMAVISD"
3b) Run Command:umount/opt/zimbra/amavisd<-new-blah>/tmp


5) Run the command:./install.sh-u

6) Run The following commands to complete the unistall:

Ensure. Removed all the files owned by the user Zimbra and that contain the name "Zimbra" in:

7) Run The following commands to delete the users and groups:
Userdel Zimbra
Userdel Postfix
Groupdel Zimbra
Groupdel Postfix

8) Remove the line "/dev/shm/opt/zimbra/amavisd-new-2.4.1/tmptmpfsdefaults,users,size=150m,mode=777 0 0" from/etc/ Fstab.

9) Remove The Zimbra logging lines below from/etc/syslog.conf:

Remove logrotate config file for Zimbra (CentOS, RHEL)

Remove the Zimbra lines below from/etc/prelink.conf (CentOS, RHEL)
# added for Zimbra

Remove Zimbra Entries in/etc/rc* (CentOS, RHEL)
chkconfig--del Zimbra

Other methods: (assuming you didn ' t already try the above)
(DIJICHI2) If you get stuck and really want to just purge it from the system, try:
Rpm-e ' Rpm-qa |grep Zimbra '
Delete Zimbra Entries From/etc/sudoers
Delete Zimbra entries from root and Zimbra Crontabs

On Ubuntu servers dpkg could think that Zimbra is still installed. Check by running dpkg--list (-L) or dpkg-q zimbra* and see if Zimbra items is still listed. You can remove them by running:
dpkg--remove zimbra-apache zimbra-ldap zimbra-mta zimbra-spell zimbra-core zimbra-logger zimbra-snmp zimbra-store< /c0> or

sudo rm-r/opt/zimbra

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Zimbra Uninstall directions for linux/all other Operating Systems

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