403 Forbidden appears when you exit the PHP account

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In PHP, the exit account shows that 403 Forbidden means that after logging on to an account on the website, you should not jump back to the home page after clicking exit, but it shows 403 Forbidden. how can this problem be solved? I haven't found a solution for a long time.
You don't have permission to access/

Click to exit to go to outlogin. php?
If yes, outlogin. php has no access permission.

The hyperlink of your exit button is incorrect.
Http://www.lianorg.com <br/>

Move the cursor to exit the upper and lower left corner and nothing is displayed.

The point-to-Point exit jump to outlogin. php. Why does he not have the access permission? what should I do? Exit is written in JS, not a hyperlink. Exit

You can see what the result will be in outlogin. php directly in the browser.

This is the case.

After you quit, you jumped to the terminal
Of course, it's 403. Check the exit path.

The path is correct...

A page error occurred.
When you access ajax, the returned data is an error message. As a result, your jump link is also faulty.
The error is:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_unregister () in D: \ wamp \ www \ lianorg1 \ outlogin. php on line10

Bytes *****
You have no problem with this path. So what is wrong?

% 3Cbr % 20/% 3E % 3 Cfont % 20 size = '1' % 3E % 3 Ctable % 20 class = 'xdebug-error % 20xe-fatal-error '% 20dir = 'ltr' % 20 border = '1' % 20 cellspacing = '0' % 20 cellpadding = '1' % 3E % 3Ctr % 3E % 3Cth % 20 align = 'left' % 20 bgcolor = * ****
This is obviously an html error message returned by the server.

Thank you for solving the problem. I re-edited the exit code.

How is this true?If you exit through a hyperlink, use $ _ GET ['AC'] to receive it.

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