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As the king of design patterns, MVC has become synonymous with good models in many fields. NET, we can only rely on Monorail to implement ASP. NET, but now ASP. net mvc has become a reality.
This article only allows you to more intuitively understand ASP. net mvc. if the language is inappropriate, I hope you can understand it. Of course, if there are some mistakes in this article, I hope you will promptly point them out, so I can make timely modifications.
I will write various articles in this series based on my attitude towards beginners. However, I believe that the perseverance and perseverance in this series are more clear, so I hope you will understand the mistakes in writing.

ASP. net mvc official edition Information

ASP. net mvc was once part of ASP. NET 3.5 Extensions Preview. Now, after five previews, one Beta, and two RC versions, we have finally arrived.

Latest Version: ASP. net mvc official version 1.0

  1. Installation Package: ASP. net mvc rtm release
  2. Source code and feature Assembly: ASP. net mvc v1.0 Source
  3. Document: ASP. net mvc msdn document
  4. Blog topic: ASP. net mvc topic
Article writing conventions
  1. The prerequisite for this article is. NET 3.5, but I will try my best to write it in a program compatible with. NET2.0 SP1.
  2. The IDE used in the text is basically C for Visual Studio 2008 (Chinese) Language # However, to facilitate your understanding, there may be some Visual Basic
  3. My computer operating system is Windows 2003 std/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  4. I will add other provisions later.
Interaction and Q &

Video: ASP. net mvc getting started video tutorial

QA: ASP. net mvc Index

ASP. net mvc Series


The following article is an official version of ASP. net mvc 1.0.
  • ASP. net mvc Skill 1-2
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial 11th back to the master page, user-defined controls, and file upload
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial version of the First Anniversary request Controller
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial version 9 back to HtmlHelper
  • Evolution of Helper in the First Anniversary of ASP. net mvc tutorial
  • Use ASP. net mvc to manage your own View: ASP. net mvc File Management
  • Use asynchronous Action in ASP. net mvc Futures
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial version 7 back UrlHelper
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial version of the first anniversary of the sixth back Filter
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial first anniversary edition fourth back to View pass value
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial version of the first anniversary of the third back Controller and View
  • Second UrlRouting of the first anniversary of ASP. NET MVC
  • ASP. net mvc key tutorial the first installation of the First Anniversary edition, and run the ASP. net mvc page
The following article is about ASP. net mvc 1.0 RC.
  • ASP. net mvc Beta to RC auxiliary tool
  • Notes for upgrading ASP. NET MVC RC
  • ASP. net mvc rc is released again to update some bugs
The following articles are ASP. net mvc 1.0 Beta
  • Mvc Enum Extension
  • DynamicData for Mvc message. This example provides the preparation work and displays a list of articles.
  • DynamicData for Mvc message this instance creates. deletes. Data Verification
  • DynamicData for Mvc message this example is updated later
The following article is Mvc CodePlex Preview 5.
  • Mvc development experience 1
  • Mvc Codeplex Preview 5 source code and MVCContrib4pv5 released
  • Mvc Codeplex Preview 5 Article 3 implement complex types of Action parameter transfer
  • Mvc Codeplex Preview 5 new features of Controller & Filter
  • Mvc Codeplex Preview 5 new feature 1 Helper
  • System. Web. Routing
  • System. Web. Routing
  • System. Web. Routing instructions
  • Microsoft. Web. Mvc Assembly description

The following article is Mvc CodePlex Preview 4.
  • NVelocity View Engine with Mvc
  • Decorator mode in System. Web. configuractions and its application in Mvc
  • Description of various MVC classes (Preview 4)
  • Use FormHelper of MvcContrib
  • The Mvc Framework runs under. net 2.0/IIS6. The program example is as follows:
  • The Url. Action method that can be used by Mvc Framework in Controller
  • Mvc Framework runs in. net 2.0/IIS6 to complete
  • MVC Preview 4 custom Jquery HtmlHelper Extension
  • Use RenderComponent in MVC Preview 4
  • Use AjaxHelper in Mvc Pv4
  • ASP. net mvc CodePlex Preview 4 Installer + Source + Changed

The following article belongs to MVC preview 3.
  • MVC Fckeditor extension (supports PV3 and automatic binding)
  • MVC Render and Redirect Extension
The following is an example of MVC preview 2.
  • Mvc Framework 1 (install and create a sample program)
  • Mvc Framework II (initial solution of URL Routing)
  • Mvc Framework 3 (Controller and View)
  • Mvc Framework 4 (run under. net2.0)
  • Mvc Framework 5 (pass value to View and Redirect)
  • Mvc Framework 6 (more View value passing and display methods)
  • Mvc Framework 7 (Filter and execution sequence)
  • Mvc Framework 8 (Helper)
  • Mvc Framework 9 (View and Controller interaction)
  • Mvc Framework 10 (Test Method and Filter example)
  • Mvc Framework 11 (use of custom Helper in MVC)
  • Mvc Framework 12 Castle Extension
  • Solution to the bug where the CheckBox value cannot be correctly obtained in MVC P2
  • Castle's issue solution cannot be used in MVCContrib in Mvc.
Some of my ASP. net mvc Open Source Projects
  1. ASP. net mvc File Management (File Management)
  2. CHMVCMS (Content Management System)
  3. CHOJ # (online compilation evaluation)
  4. ASP. net mvc Ajax (Ajax Operation)
  5. CHSNS # (open-source SNS Project)
  6. Infancy (A Forum Application) (ASP. net mvc Forum)
  7. WebAsk (similar to Baidu's Q & A System)
Related Sites
  • ASP. net mvc Developer Center
  • ASP. net mvc Framework official forum
  • ASP. net mvc Framework Document
  • ASP. net mvc Contrib provides MsMVC Extension


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