Compile and install nginx, PHP 11.04, MySQL, MongoDB, memcached, SSL, SMTP in Ubuntu 5.3

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Introduction: This is a detailed page for compiling and installing nginx, PHP 11.04, MySQL, MongoDB, memcached, SSL, and SMTP in Ubuntu 5.3. It introduces the knowledge, skills, and experience related to PhP, and some PHP source code.

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Manually compile and install nginx 1.04

Nginx download page:

Echo copies the entire shell to the command line terminal and runs it one by one automatically. Sudo apt-Get install libpcre3 libpcre3-devwget nginx-1.0.4.tar.gzcd nginx-1.0.4. /configure -- prefix =/usr/local/nginxmakesudo make installsudo ln-S/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx/etc/init. d/ECHO add nginx to the service, boot self-boot sudo update-rc.d nginx defaultsecho start nginxsudo/etc/init. d/nginxecho: access the home page of the local machine. If yes, nginx has enabled Firefox http: // localhost/
Install MySQL manually

To manually install MySQL, see:

Manually compile and install PHP 5.3.6

PHP download page:

PHP 2 ways to send email:


Sudo apt-Get install libltdl-dev libssl-dev sendmailecho use mysqli and pdo_mysql instead of MySQL according to official PHP recommendations. OpenSSL is required for Gmail stmp .. /Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/PHP -- enable-FPM -- With-FPM-user = www-data -- With-FPM-group = www-data -- With-curl -- with-mcrypt -- enable-mbstring -- enable-PDO -- With-PDO-mysql = mysqlnd -- With-mysqli = mysqlnd -- With-mysql = mysqlnd -- With-OpenSSL -- With-imap- sslmakesudo make installsudo CP/usr/local/PHP/etc/php-fpm.conf.default/usr/local/PHP/etc/php-fpm.confpid = run/php-fpm.piderror_log = log/php-fpm.lo Glog_level = noticepm. start_serverspm.min_spare_serverspm.max_spare_serverssudo cp sapi/FPM/init. d. php-FPM/etc/init. d/PHP-fpmsudo chmod 755/etc/init. d/PHP-fpmecho: Add PHP-FPM to the service, boot sudo update-rc.d PHP-FPM defaultssudo/usr/local/PHP/sbin/PHP-fpmsudo VI/usr/local/nginx/CONF/nginx. conflocation/{root/usr/WWW; index index.html index.htm index. PHP;} location ~ \. PHP $ {root/usr/www.fastcgi_pass 9000; fastcgi_index index. PHP; fastcgi_param script_filename $ document_root/$ fastcgi_script_name; Include fastcgi_params;} sudo killall nginxsudo/etc/init. d/nginx
Manually install PHP Mongo Extension
Sudo apt-Get install autoconfwget mongo-1.1.4.tgzcd mongo-1.1.4/usr/local/PHP/bin/phpizels. /configure -- With-PHP-Config =/usr/local/PHP/bin/PHP-configmakesudo make installsudo VI/usr/local/PHP/lib/PHP. INI adds a line of extension = Mongo. so
Manually install PHP memcache Extension
Sudo/usr/local/PHP/bin/PECL install memcachesudo VI/usr/local/PHP/lib/PHP. ini add a line of extension = memcache. So at the bottom
Automatically install the memcached Server
Sudo apt-Get install memcachedsudo/etc/init. d/memcached start
Manually install MongoDB 1.8.2 Server

MongoDB Server Download Page:

Wget mongodb-linux-x86_64-1.8.2.tgzsudo MV mongodb-linux-x86_64-1.8.2/usr/local/mongodbsudo ln-S/usr/local/MongoDB/bin/mongod/etc/init. d/sudo ln-S/usr/local/MongoDB/bin/Mongo/usr/bin/sudo mkdir-P/data/DB/ECHO add mongod to the service, boot sudo update-rc.d mongod defaultsecho boot mongod server sudo nohup/etc/init. d/mongod &

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