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Oracle installation steps can be understood, follow the software installation operation, the following to explore Oracle connectivity issues. I use the Oracle 10 version, so take Oracle10 as an example:

After you install the Oracle database, be sure to install Oracle client, otherwise you will be prompted not to install Oracle clients when you link to the database. The corresponding Oracle's client network also has resources that can be downloaded on its own. (If you are happy to see the bottom of the resource download)

I have used two methods to connect Oracle databases: Navicat

Later the test was unsuccessful and prompted for a character set error:

The reason is that the navicat Oci.dll file does not support character encoding "ZHS 16GBK", and then replaces the Oci.dll file with the database, where the OCI.DLL is not inside the database, if the Oracle client is installed:

This will allow the connection to succeed. But this time found that using the service name can link success, with the SID link failed, the problem to the final description, first look at another connection tool bar.
Pl/sql Developer

First up is landing.

The database and connection methods shown above are required to be configured in Tnsnames.ora to automatically appear content, located on the client side of the installation path: Network\admin\tnsnames.ora

The database names that are automatically displayed on the login are matched against the database information configured in this file. Of course, there is no prior configuration in the Plsql developer. If it is the first time to open Plsql developer, you do not need to login, directly click Cancel to enter, open the tool preferences connection bar for configuration, after the successful configuration can be reopened.

Reboot, login, then we will also find the above Navicat link SID link is not successful problem, what is going on. Please go to the Error collation section.


1. The listener is currently unable to recognize the service requested by the link descriptor

It means that the database is not connected. Where is the mistake? By looking at the information on the Internet, there are probably two situations that result:

One is that the OCI.DLL file does not have a client configured, or a OCI.DLL file error. The other is Tnsnames.ora file configuration errors.

OCI. DLL files are installed by the official, so generally not wrong. Then it is tnsnames.ora file configuration is wrong, originally if we want to link Oracle database, we need to first find our corresponding database configuration in Tnsnames.ora (usually automatically added when created), but because I just started using, not in the Tnsnames.ora (client) file configuration , followed by the service side of the configuration, and finally through the connection. Of course, this problem is not necessarily in the client configuration, I remember later the database I did not configure, the system automatically written to the service side, and then can also come out. This is only a solution to the problem of the proposal, flexible adoption.

2, sid name Connection is unsuccessful, service name link successful

The problem tip is similar to the above problem diagram.

This is because some files in the Oracle 10 version of the database are missing the necessary base package, or there is an exception to the underlying package, and the official has sorted out the underlying package files, downloading them, and replacing them. (Under the Database installation path: Replace in the Bin folder.) For example, if the database is installed in D:\Programming\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1, replace it in the bin directory in this directory D:\Programming\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_ 1\bin

Client file download address (optional)

Oracle Ten-Client (64-bit)

Oracle Client (64-bit)

oracleclient 10 Base pack Download

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