Debian basic use advanced, Debian use advanced

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Debian basic use advanced, Debian use advanced

After the system is installed, we can't wait to soar in the Linux system. If you are new to Linux, you may not be able to adapt to the Linux system environment for a while. The best practice for using Debian for server selection is to use non-interface terminal mode. Continuous practice is one of the most important ways for most people to gain a deep understanding of Linux.

Next to system installation in the previous article, if the installation package we selected is an installation package without other application software, after the system installation is complete. We still cannot directly use the system to work for us. To use the system, you must install and configure the corresponding software according to the system requirements to achieve our goal. So much nonsense, go to the topic.

1. This blog post covers content. 1. Configure the source used by the system 2. Configure the fixed address of the system 3. Install common software 2. Detailed configuration steps and principles

Linux is an open-source operating system, and most of the software on the platform is free open-source software. If you are a software developer, I believe you will love open-source software. We have benefited more or less from the open source wave. The Linux system we use is also an open source platform. To better use the system, we need to configure the Open Source repository used by the system. Overseas open-source warehouses, due to domestic network problems, sometimes cannot be accessed, and the speed is not satisfactory, there are also images of some large companies and schools in China that provide us with better choices.

The source configuration file of the Debian system is located in/etc/apt/sources. list.

We can use the following method to manage our network

1. Change the system to an automatic IP address in the form of a terminal window.

Ipconfig is the most common way to view system IP addresses in Windows. It can be used to view system network configuration information, the Linux system provides a more powerful command ifconfig to operate the network settings of the Linux system. We can use the man command to learn how to use ifcofig. Enter the ifconfig command to view the network configuration of the current system.

After configuring the source and network, I need to install the most common software.

If you are interested, you can check it. There are also possible problems with configuring multiple IP addresses. If you are interested, you can also gain in-depth understanding on your own.

1. open-ssh is an open-source SSH implementation software, which is used most in Linux.

We can directly install it using the apt-get instll ssh command. The configuration file is stored in the/etc/ssh/directory by default. You can modify the ssh_config file for the specific configuration information of the ssh client. For ssh service configuration information, we can modify the sshd_config configuration file. For example, if the default port number is 22, we can change it to another port number to avoid ssh port attacks. After configuring the Linux server, we only need to restart the service. Then we can easily use the SSH remote tool to remotely manage the Linux system by configuring the SSH remote tool on the Windows client. In Windows, the best choice is not SecureCRT. This is a very practical software, but it is not free software. Of course, free putty is also doing very well. We can also use free software such as SSH in cygwin.

2. When we can directly connect to the past management, we need to consider how to upload files to the Linux server.

How to upload the developed project to the Linux server for deployment is what we need to deal with next. What we think of most is to build Samba for file sharing. After all, Samba is generated to solve the sharing problem. However, we only need to upload files, and there is no need to pay a lot of weekly stamps. Since we chose Linux as the server, security must be taken into consideration. VSFTP (Very Secure FTP Daemon) helps us solve this concern, and the name sounds domineering.

Directly run apt-get install vsftpd to configure the corresponding configuration parameters so that we can directly use the software.

Vi/etc/vsftpd. conf

Annoymous_enavle = NO # disable anonymous access.

Ascii_upload_enable = YES

Ascii_download_enable = YES

Enable ascii transmission.

Chroot_local_user = YES
Chroot_list_enable = YES
Chroot_list_file =/etc/vsftpd/chroot_list

Enable Chroot

Use_localtime = YES





We can add users allowed to access the file.

After the configuration is complete, restart the vsftp service. Now, you can directly transfer files to the Linux server through ftp under Windows. There are many FTP clients in Windows. FileZilla, 8 UFTP, FlashFXP, and CuteFTP are widely used. We recommend that you use FileZilla open source for free.

Iii. Summary

This article introduces three problems. One is to configure the source used by the system for system updates and software acquisition. The second is to configure the network of the system through terminal and file modification. Next, install the basic software. After completing these steps, the system already has a prototype of service. For subsequent software installation and use, you can install the appropriate software as needed. One of the biggest features of Linux is its powerful configuration. If you like how to solve problems, you will continue to grow with Linux. And these problems that make you sad are also the booster of progress.

What system is debian linux?

Is a Linux release version. The server is good but not suitable for beginners.
New users still use fedora and ubuntu.
I personally like fedora, and the new version of fedora 16 is quite good. In terms of graphic interface operation habits, it completely subverts the operating mode in Windows. Although I am not used to it at the beginning, the superb desktop experience is still quite beautiful...

What system is debian linux?

Debian is an operating system (OS) installed on your computer ). An operating system is a series of basic programs and utilities that allow your computer to work. Debian uses Linux Kernel (the core of the operating system), but most basic operating system tools come from the GNU project. Therefore, Debian is also called GNU/Linux. Debian GNU/Linux comes with more than 29000 software packages which are encapsulated into a good format for installation on your machine. Work is also underway to allow Debian to support other kernels. The most important thing is Hurd. Hurd is a set of daemon processes running on a micro-kernel (such as Mach) that provide different functions. Ubuntu is developed by it.

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