Email Master Pro attacks iOS limited this week

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Email Master Pro attacks iOS limited this week

Starting from this week, the mailbox Master Pro version will be free of charge in the app store, from the price of 6 yuan to 0 yuan, the number of mailbox Accounts added is unlimited, it also has a unique design of VIP app icons. This universal email app, which is sincerely produced by Netease, is stable and fast and supports all brand mailboxes. It is especially suitable for business users. Please download it now ~~

The mailbox Master Pro version has a strong login to the AppStore a few days ago, and this week (October 20-October 24) will implement a limited time free download, you only need to log on to the AppStore and search for "Mailbox Master Pro" to download the original mailbox Master Pro version for 6 yuan for free. Unlike the application icons of mailbox masters, the Pro version adopts a dark gray background and a yellow font, which is more designed and personalized. In addition, the Pro version is not limited by adding up to five mailbox accounts in common versions, you can add accounts without restrictions. Other basic functions are consistent with those of the mailbox master.

Email master is an all-around mobile phone email client launched by Netease. It supports all types of email addresses and has a strong versatility, it is a versatile, fast, secure, and super email app with excellent experience. It not only supports Netease mailbox, QQ mailbox, Gmail, Hotmail, Sina mailbox, Sohu mailbox and other types of mailbox, but also supports campus mailbox and enterprise office mailbox. Email master exclusive Netease official New Mail real-time push, is the fastest email client software for new email reminders on the iPhone.

Netease has the highest security level email system in China. The latest mail master can use the TouchID fingerprint password and gesture password to unlock and log on, enhancing mailbox privacy protection. Email masters support previewing documents, audio and video files, compressed packages, and other types of attachments. They support one-click compression of image attachments, And the Netease account's "zero-traffic" attachment forwarding, greatly reducing traffic loss.

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