File Upload components (flash, jquery, ASP, PHP, JS, Ajax)

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File Upload components (flash, jquery, ASP, PHP, JS, Ajax)
Fancyupload is a Multifile Upload Component that uses flash and Ajax (mootools) technology to upload progress bars, similar to swfupload.



Jquploader is a file upload control with an upload progress bar in combination with JavaScript and flash development.



EXT uploadform ext uploadform is extended to Ext. Form. basicform for Multifile upload. The file is first added to the upload queue and then uploaded to the server together. Ext uploadform also provides an upload progress bar to display the upload details.

EXT uploadform


Swfuploadpanel is a multi-File Upload Panel (panel) developed in combination with swfupload v2.0.2 and extjs 2.0.x ).


Extjs Widgets

Yahoo! Ui Library: Uploader Yui Uploader control combined with the file upload control developed by flash. You can select multiple files at a time in the same "Open File" dialog box. Filter file extensions to help you select them accurately. File Upload process tracking. Add parameters to the file upload POST request.

Yahoo! Ui Library: Uploader


Jquery Multiple File Upload plugin Multifile upload plug-in (jquery. Multifile) allows you to select multiple files to be uploaded at one time. In addition, the plugin provides some basic verification functions, such as file extension verification.

Jquery Multiple File Upload plugin


Dhtmlxvault is developed based on AJAX technology and contains the DHTML Javascript file upload control for the upload progress reminder. The corresponding icons is displayed for different file types.



Jquery: Ajax File Upload plug-in allows you to easily upload multiple files without refreshing the page. In addition, you can use any element (image, text, button, and so on) to trigger the file selection window.

Jquery: Ajax File Upload


Uploadify is a file upload jquery plug-in based on Flash technology. The following functions are provided: You can select multiple file uploads at a time, view the upload progress, control the File Upload type and size, and add a callback function for each operation. The plugin also comes with a PHP file for the server to process uploaded files.


Jquery PHP

Jcupload is an Ajax File Upload Component implemented by flash and jquery. Supports file upload progress bar prompts. Supports multi-File Upload. You can press Ctrl or shift in the file selection box to select multiple files at a time. Supports filtering custom file extensions, limiting the size of individual files, and controlling the size/quantity of file queues to be uploaded. Easy to customize appearance.



Jsupload is a Javascript file upload control that provides a progress bar to display real-time upload information, including the file size and the number of transmitted bytes.



Jquery image cropper with Uploader provides an online image cropping tool for the upload function. In addition, the tool provides rotation, color conversion, and other functions.

Jquery image cropper with Uploader

Image jquery

Plupload is a javascript control that allows you to upload files using Adobe Flash, Google gears, HTML5, Microsoft Silverlight, Yahoo browserplus, normal forms, and other methods. Plupload also provides other functions: Upload progress reminder, image downgrading, multi-File Upload, Drag and Drop files to the upload control, file type filtering, and chunked upload. These functions are restricted in different upload modes.



Noswfupload is an Ajax Multifile Upload Component. SWF, applets, or other browser plug-ins are not required.



Swfupload is a Client File Upload Component Based on flash and JavaScript. In the file selection dialog box, you can press Ctrl/shift to select multiple upload files at a time. Javascript callback functions can be added to all events. You can obtain the file information before the upload starts. You can use HTML to display some information in the file upload. You do not need to refresh the page. When flash or Javascript is not supported, it can automatically become a normal HTML upload form. You can control the file size before the upload starts. When multiple files are uploaded, the upload queue is automatically created. You can remove or add files from the queue before uploading.



Ajax upload is a File Upload Component with an upload progress bar and supporting uploading files from a local computer to the page, however, these two functions can only be used in ff3.6 +, safari4 +, and chrome browsers. Other browsers only use a hidden IFRAME for non-Refresh upload and do not support file dragging and progress reminders. You can select multiple files for one-time upload in FF, chrome, and Safari browsers. You can use CSS to update the appearance and cancel the upload. Flash is not supported and https-compatible.

Ajax upload


Agile Uploader agile Uploader is a file upload control that allows you to use flash to reduce the image size before uploading. You can upload one or more files. Because the upload button is not placed in the Flash file, you can customize the style appearance. In addition, various JS callback functions are provided. Flash also has many parameters, including style and image downgrading.

Agile Uploader


Rightjs is a very small, modular JavaScript framework that relies on plug-ins and prototype extensions to enhance functionality very similar to the jquery framework. There are also many simple and convenient methods to help you write concise and compact code. Rightjs is more object-oriented and designed specifically for developers familiar with Server Dynamic languages (such as Ruby and Python. In addition, rightjs provides some commonly used webui, including autocompleter, calendar, colorpicker, lightbox, rater, Slider, sortable, tabs, tooltips, and uploader.


AutoComplete color datepicker framework Slider

Jquery File Upload plugin allows you to select multiple files at a time and upload them at the same time. You can drag the file to be uploaded from the desktop or file manager to the browser window for upload. You can display the upload progress of a single file and cancel the upload process. It also provides APIs to set separate options and define callback methods for various upload events.

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