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Free unlimited host features: Support for PHP5 + MySQL5/ASP + Access; 10 GB of ultra-large space is equivalent to unlimited traffic for most websites; unlimited traffic; space and database configuration is comparable to domestic regular IDC vendors charging 100 yuan. Free unlimited host usage: suitable for personal websites. Free VM usage rules: 1. Advertisements specified by the company must be placed in a conspicuous position on the homepage of the website (multiple formats are optional, and the placement can be arranged according to website requirements ). 2. The website must be filed for record. If you have not filed for a domain name, you are not allowed to open a free website. And create online alarm signs (pictures and links are placed as required ). 3. The free space does not provide the filing proxy service. Please submit your ICP filing application to the MIIT website For unregistered domain names, you can open a free website after submitting an ICP filing application on the MIIT website. If you suspend access to a website that has not submitted an application, you are allowed to resume it on your own. However, if you fail to apply for an ICP filing within 20 days after the website is opened, you cannot resume the website permanently. If you fail to apply for an ICP filing after 15 days of suspension, the website will be deleted. 4. The website must comply with the requirements of the company's terms of use for virtual hosts. Unacceptable websites include but are not limited to the following types: interactive content, online stores, human body art or photo sites, private server content, novel sites, download or play movies and music websites, and commercial websites. If any website that does not meet the requirements is found to delete data, the loss will be borne by the user. 5. Free space has no ad click requirements, but access is required for 15 consecutive days (unadvertised access will not be counted). No visitor is deemed to have abandoned the use of it for suspension. 6. If a website that does not comply with the above rules is suspended or deleted, the user shall bear the losses arising therefrom. 7. The free space is limited to 20 MB for a single file (including database files). If the size is exceeded, the system automatically deletes the file. Do not upload files larger than 20 MB. Free space is limited to 20 m databases and 20 connections. 8. If FTP is allowed to extract data within 15 days after the website is suspended and has not been processed or restored after 15 days, the system will delete the website. 9. Each account is limited to three free spaces. The free space application is limited to six months. If the website meets the free space requirements after expiration, the system will automatically renew the application. 10. Free space is provided free of charge, and backup and data recovery services are not provided; technical support services are not provided. You must back up website data on your own, and the volcano network will not be responsible for the loss of data caused by hardware damage, hacker attacks, and other reasons. HTTP access is prohibited for files suffixed with .exe/. com/. vbs/. vbe/. bat/. mdb/. SQL/. wml. 11. If you apply for a free unlimited host, you agree that the volcano Internet reserves the right to modify the free space usage rules at any time. If you apply for a free VM, you fully agree with all the terms of this rule and agree that the loss caused by the return of this rule shall be borne by the user. If you do not agree with the use rules and requirements of free hosts, do not apply for them. Note: you cannot apply for a free host because you need to verify whether the domain name is filed for record. Therefore, you cannot open the MIIT website Free VM requirements: 1. Free hosts must be placed with advertisements. Websites that do not put advertisements or take off advertisements are not eligible for suspension or deletion. 2. The free host must be filed first and then activated. The filing service is not provided. All websites that fail to pass the ICP filing are suspended or deleted. 3. If the free host does not access the website for 15 consecutive times, the system will suspend or delete the website data. 4. The free host system will delete files larger than 20 MB. Up to 20 connections and 20 m databases are allowed. Free VM performance parameter product type: free unlimited host webpage space: 10 GB (equivalent to unlimited for most websites) traffic size: unlimited connections: 20 database space: 20 mb ftp file limit: 20 M (files exceeding the limit will be automatically deleted by the system) HTTP file access: 20 M files within the Post Office: × database configuration and management MySQL 5: PHP space free to provide 20 m ms SQL 2005: * Access: ASP space supported, 20 mb web-based import/export: √ database management mode: PHP Myadmin product function PHP space function: PHP5 + MySQL5 + Zend3 + GD2 +. htaccess ASP space function: ASP + ASP. NET + Access + FSO + Jmail + mobile + asp jpeg component + file Upload component forum or interactive content: × FTP file management: √ wildcard domain name support: × URL Rewrite: √ FSO file read/write: √ Jmail online mail: × STMP online mail: √ component/component-free Upload: √ file download: ×. SHTML file access: × Shockware/Flash: √ program read and write permissions: √ data backup: × host control panel function FTP management: √ database management: √ Post Office management: × virtual host management: √ host domain name management: √ Independent host management address: × view space usage: √ custom default homepage: √ custom page 404: × URL Rewrite management: √ non-commercial ICP agent record filing management: × application address:
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