HTML5 first Day

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Html4 and HTML5 of trivial comparison, not all, first write, hope to forgive.

One compatibility: HTML5 can also be run on older versions of browsers

Two practicality: HYML5 is the simple use function of the package

The three-non revolutionary development

HTML5 is forward compatible, but when the character encoding is specified


<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "Text/html;charset=utf-8" >

(Note that the database is UTF8)


<meta charset= "UTF-8" > can be used HTML4 or direct append method.

But this format in HTML4 will be an error.

<meta charset= "UTF-8" http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "Text/html;charset=utf-8" >

HTML5 element tags are divided into

"Do not allow write end tag" allows format < element/>

Include the following elements

Area, base, BR, col, command, embed, HR, IMG, input, keygen, link, meta, param, source, track, WBR

"End tag can be omitted"

Include the following elements

Li, DT, DD, p, RT, RP, optgroup, option, Colgroup, THEAD, Tbody, Tfood, TR, TD, Th

"Start tag and end tag all omitted" its implicit way still exists

Include the following elements

HTML, head, body, Colgroup, Tody

Compared to HTML4

<input type= "Text" >

<input type= ' text ' >

HTML5 can be written as

<input type=text>

HTML5 Markup Example

<! DOCTYPE html>

<meta charset= "UTF-8" >

<title>html 5 first HTML5 labeling program </title>

<p> Here you can look at the paragraph

HTML5 New structure elements

The aection element represents a content chunk of a page, such as a chapter header footer or other part of the page

The article element represents a piece of independent content that is not related to context independence

The aside element represents ancillary information related to content outside of the article element

The header element represents the title of a content block or an entire page in a page.

The Hgroup element combines the title of an entire page or a chunk of content in a page

The footer element represents an entire page or a footnote to a content chunk in a page

The Nav element represents the part of the navigation link in the page

The HTML4 in this place is indicated by the UL element.

Figure represents a separate stream content (this is not yet understood in place)

The elements described above are all div-html4 in the block.

Video Audio embed (insert various multimedia, support MIDI Wav AIFF AU MP3, etc.) is also added in HTML5 Mark (visually presents the user with text that needs to be highlighted or highlighted) progress (it can be used to display the process of time-consuming functions in JS during the run) (indicates the date and time)

Ruby RT RP (Chinese phonetic notation or characters are not very understanding)

WBR (for soft line, BR is here must wrap, and WBR in the browser window or the width of the parent element is wide enough to not change the line, the Chinese seems to be useless)

Canvas elements (my understanding is like SVG, but no SVG is strong, I'm still a slag, wrong please spray)

Command represents a CommandButton.

Details represent the detailed information that the user requests and can get. It is used in conjunction with the summary element, which provides a caption or legend.

DataList indicates that the list of optional data is used in conjunction with the INPUT element to create a drop-down list of input values. (Designing this line comes from trying and thinking, maybe it's unstable, but you can create another magical usage)

The DataGrid represents a list of optional data that is displayed in a tree-shaped list.

The keygen represents the generated key. That is, we download the cracked version of the registration machine used, specific uses I have not yet practice.

Output elements represent different types of outputs

Source defines media resources for media Elements

Menu represents a list of menus that are used when you want to list the form controls.

HTML5 added the type of the INPUT element as

Email type must enter the e-mail address of the text box

Includes URL number range data pickers (data month week time datetime pick-up date Lunar year (UTC international Coordinated Time) datetime-local Select time Sun and Moon year (local time))

HTML5 Elements of abolition

Abolished Basefont Big Center font s Strike TT u these elements font can be inserted with the "WYSIWYG" editor s strike element can be replaced with a DEL element in the TT element by the font-family attribute of the CSS

The frame frame is no longer used to support only the IFRAME framework. Frameset Frame Noframes abolished

The applet bgsound Blink Marquee is abolished because it is supported only by some browsers. The applet is replaced by the embed or the object element, and the bgsound is replaced by audio instead of the marquee by the JS programming method.

Abolition of RB, replaced by Ruby

Repeal acronym replaced by ABBR Element

Repeal dir replaced by ul

The abolition of Isindex is replaced by a form and INPUT element

Abolished listing replaced by the pre

Repeal XMP replaced by code element

Abolition of NextID replaced by GUIDs

Repeal plaintext replaced by "Text/plian" MIME type

The difference between the HTML4 and the book is here. After a few days in the updated

HTML5 first Day

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