Java basic encryption of SHA encryption

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Secure Hash algorithm SHA (Secure hash Algorithm,sha)

The idea of the algorithm is to receive a piece of plaintext, and then convert it into a paragraph (usually smaller) ciphertext in an irreversible way, or simply to take a string of input codes (called Pre-mapping or information) and convert them to shorter lengths, A fixed number of bits of output sequence is the process of hashing values (also known as information digests or information authentication codes).

sha-1,sha-224,sha-256,sha-384, and SHA-512 are some of the one-way hashing algorithms.

sha-1,sha-224 and SHA-256 are suitable for messages that do not exceed 2^64 bits in length.

SHA-384 and SHA-512 are suitable for messages that do not exceed 2^128 bits in length.

package com.soap.util;import;/** *  Secure Hash Algorithm sha (Secure Hash  algorithm,sha)  * *  @author  roger */public class shautil {/**  * sha encryption   Generate 40-bit SHA code  *  *  @param   string to encrypt  *  *  @return   Return 40-bit SHA code  */public static string shaencode (STRING&NBSP;INSTR)  throws  Exception {messagedigest sha = null;try {sha = messagedigest.getinstance (" SHA ");}  catch  (exception e)  {system.out.println (e.tostring ()) e.printstacktrace ();return  "";} Byte[] bytearray = instr.getbytes ("UTF-8"); Byte[] md5bytes = sha.digest ( ByteArray); Stringbuffer hexvalue = new stringbuffer ();for  (int i = 0; i  < md5bytes.length; i++)  {int val =  ((int)  md5bytes[i])  &  0xff;if&nbSP; (val < 16)  {hexvalue.append ("0");} Hexvalue.append (Integer.tohexstring (Val));} Return hexvalue.tostring ();} /** *  Test main functions  *  *  @param  args *  @throws  exception */ Public static void main (string args[])  throws exception {string str  = new string ("123456"); System.out.println ("SHA"  + shaencode (str));}}

Java basic encryption of SHA encryption

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