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Yesterday reprinted an article about installing Xface Desktop and VNC connection on a Linux VPS, because the article is based on the CentOS system, and there are enthusiastic readers who wish to have a similar thing under Debian, which has contributed to today's text. Need to write in front of the text is still reproduced, long-term readers should understand the blog should be clear, Zhao Jong is not a technology flow, all the tutorials are "repeat" type of sharing.

"Note" the following text reproduced ◤vps enthusiasts ◢, original source:

Command operation under the Debian system is familiar to everyone, and recently, desktop management has been used to install the GNOME desktop.

There are many desktops under Linux, such as KDE, LXDE, and so on.

Today is mainly introduced under the Debian system installation of the GNOME desktop and installation of TIGHTVNC for remote connection operation.

First, after landing ssh:

Enter the following command

Apt-get Install update

Second, install Gnome:

I only installed the thin kernel file because the memory resources on the VPS are limited

Apt-get Install X-window-system-core

Apt-get Install Gnome-desktop-environment

You will need to install the following font files after installation:

Apt-get Install xfonts-100dpi

Apt-get Install xfonts-100dpi-transcoded

Apt-get Install xfonts-75dpi

Apt-get Install xfonts-75dpi-transcoded

Apt-get Install Xfonts-base

Third, the installation of the mutation will require the installation of VNC server TightVNC:

Apt-get Install Tightvncserver


This time requires you to set the VNC password input two times.


VI ~/.vnc/xstartup # Editing the VNC start-up interface

The configuration file is as follows:

Xrdb $HOME/. Xresources

Xsetroot-solid Grey

X-terminal-emulator-geometry 80x24+10+10-ls-title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &

#x-window-manager &

# Fix to make GNOME work

#export xkl_xmodmap_disable=1


Gnome-session &

After the configuration is complete, the VNC Service command is started:

Tightvncserver-geometry 800x600:1 #分辨率是800 *600

Iv. Access with Vncview

Open the VNC tool and connect the address ip:1.


Above I in DS of 15 knife year pay try OK, drawings:

Debian can also be installed under the Firefox, the English version is called Iceweasel, installation method: Apt-get Install Iceweasel

can also be installed in Chinese version: Apt-get install Mozilla-firefox MOZILLA-FIREFOX-LOCALE-ZH-CN

Firefox Flash plugin: apt-get install Flashplugin-nonfree

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