Linux Speed Monitoring test

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View network instant speed under Linux
1.sar Command (General)
Sar-n DEV 1 100
1 represents one second to be counted and displayed once
100 representative Statistics 100 times
SAR in Sysstat Package

2. Using the NTOP Graphics tool (not used in detail, requires browser assistance)

3. Use the Iptraf tool (more useful, the character interface directly use)

Can monitor all traffic, IP traffic, by protocol traffic, you can also set filters and so on

3.1.yum Installation

Yum Install Iptraf

3.2.Ubuntu can also be used

sudo Install Iptraf

3.3. SOURCE Installation:

wget FTP:// zxvf iptraf-3.0 . 0. Tar . GZCD Iptraf-3.0. 0 . /setup

3.4. Command line access to the Selection menu, control interface


Press any key to enter the following menu:

(1). Continuous monitoring of all IP traffic on this machine

(2) Simple network traffic and speed monitoring

(3) Detailed network status monitoring, you can choose to specify a network card

(4) Statistical traffic in the form of packets or port traffic

1) Data Packet mode statistics

2) with Port traffic statistics

(5) LAN type Monitoring, no detailed study, probably this looks like

Press Q or X to return to the previous layer

finished, hehe hehe  

Linux Speed monitoring test

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