Linux server performance is better than Windows 25%

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Who is better in the online world? Microsoft Windows service or open source Linux? This debate has aroused heated insights, but according to an IT consultant with rich Windows and Linux development experience, it is just a question about which server operating system is more suitable for the context requirements of the work to be done, based on standards such as expenditure, performance, security, and application scope."The operating system is free for Linux," said Phil Cox, senior consultant at SystemExperts. "Microsoft products, any version of which has a license fee, make spending a factor ." In addition, Linux performance is faster than 25% because it is close to any physical hardware platform.

In addition to the flexibility that Windows has to modify the kernel, open-source Linux has many advantages. But this is not the whole story. Cox pointed out that there is no particular reason not to choose Windows, especially for enterprises.

For example, if you can modify the Linux kernel, the difficulty is that "You need professional knowledge to maintain the production environment," Cox said, however, considering that many people build their own software package solutions, many types of Linux such as SuSE and Debian have emerged. special professional knowledge may be necessary.

Windows's appeal lies in "it is a stable platform, although not so flexible," said Cox. "Windows is simpler," he said.

Windows Access Control reflects its advantages. "In a Windows computer, you do not need to add new software to the access control mechanism ."

Patches are indispensable for both Windows and Linux. On this stage, Cox said it was easier to patch Windows. Microsoft is the only source to release Windows patches. For Linux, you must decide whether to patch an open-source entity, such as the entity that patches OpenSSH, or wait for commercial Linux vendors such as RedHat to provide patches.

Microsoft provides only authorized technical support for commercial customers. "For Linux, you need to know where to do anything." This makes the use of Linux technical support services more complex, said Cox. "But this will not happen on Linux TechNet," he said. To find the best solution, Linux customers sometimes need to become active participants in the open-source community.

These ideas may also explain why Microsoft's services continue to be attractive to the enterprise market, even though some vertical industries such as finance and economics groups have become the old Linux customers.

Linux and open-source application systems are very popular on the Internet for enterprises, said Cox. Moreover, for sellers who use it in a wide range of production and services, Linux has developed into a set of industrial technologies. For example, Amazon's EC2 Computing Environment Data Center relies on Xen-based Linux servers.

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