Mantis installation, configuration, and usage issues, mantis Summary

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Mantis installation, configuration, and usage issues, mantis Summary

Development needs, install mantis (Mantis Bug Tracker, defect tracking system defect management platform), is the latest version, the official website address is installation.

Not smooth sailing, but rather rough. Now summarized, convenient later with. (PS: the latest version of mantisbt-1.2.11)

I. Problems Encountered during installation

1. Your database has not been created yet. Please create the database, then install the tables and data using the information above before proceeding.
This means that the data cannot be created. You have to manually create the data, that is, run the SQL statement that is shown in the previous step. Of course, do not copy the warning information in it. in my personal experience, the create TABLE and the alter TABLE are separated, because in many cases, the subsequent statements are not executed, and we will find that during use, the error "unkown column" is reported for many queries.

2. In config_inc.php, a prompt is displayed, indicating that the file cannot be created. It is a PHP file and some configuration is written to connect to the database. Create the file directly and copy the prompt content directly.

3. After the installation is complete, remove the entire admin file and change the default administrator password (we recommend that you re-set the administrator password and disable it). The reason is, you know.

Ii. Problems Encountered during use

1. function time problems, such as date (), will prompt insecure, and then say that you have set the time zone or something. this is in php. in inc, setting a default time zone is OK. Generally, we set Asia/Shanghai.

2. The chinese characters are displayed. Change config_defaults_inc.php in the root directory of mantis to $ g_default_language = 'Chinese _ simplified 'in line 588 ';

3. database_version (this is the reason why mantis_config_table data is not inserted. If you execute it again, OK ).

4. Click view assignment (view. php? When id = 1), an error will be reported, or the Unknown column 'user _ id', mantis_bug_file_table table-related alter statement can be viewed and executed, the official website will not take SQL statements as a whole ).

5. mail configuration, smtp I use, this configuration is universal (I use 163) Baidu, you will know. config_defaults_inc.php contains related parameters. If you write the parameters correctly, no problem occurs.

After several steps above, mantis will be OK. Next, enjoy the fun of mantis.

Help mantis install Problems

This is hard to say, there may be many reasons. Generally, there are prompts on the computer. It is better to follow the prompts.

Mantis Configuration problems. I am eager to help you solve them quickly.

Database Connection Error
The cause of this error is that a problem occurred while logging on to the database.

Easyphp is also used in the first place.
I don't know whether the software is faulty or I won't use it myself.

It is recommended that you use a separate mysql instance and set up another PHP instance on your own. This is really not difficult.
I wrote a document specially. If you need it, please contact me. If you pass it on to me, you can definitely set up the document easily. Don't worry.

Q: 20507354
Or you can leave an email box and send it to me.

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