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When you open the browser, the Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library runtime error occurs. It is estimated that the software conflict may occur in many ways. My browser automatically closes the error.
I, Sometimes, when you install or run a software, you may receive such an error message.
Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
Runtime error!
Program: C:/Windows/assumer.exe
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's Support Team for more information.

It must be noted that Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library is a C ++ Runtime Library provided by Microsoft, this error has nothing to do with Script debugging in IE settings ).

Possible situations are:

  I,The system Runtime Library is older, and the software requires a newer version of The Runtime Library; or the system does not have a Runtime Library required by the software;

  II,The system Runtime Library is corrupted;

  III,The Runtime Library required by the software is different from the language version of the system.

General Treatment Method:

  Zero,Virus Detection and antivirus, clear system plug-ins;

  I,If this error occurs in IE, check the plug-in (for example, 360), open the IE menu "Tools" and "Internet Options", and select the "advanced" label, remove the "enable third-party browser extension (restart required)" hook;

  II,If it was previously installed and an error occurs, we recommend that you reinstall it;

  III,Installation fails;

    3.0,If you are prompted to lose such as "msvcp50.dll, msvcp60.dll, msvcp60d. dll, msvci70.dll, msvcp70.dll, msvcp71.dll", download it from other machines or download it online and fill it back to the software or;

    3.1,The software uses the latest version and preferably the full version (do not use the cracking or green version); (

    3.2,Install patches automatically on Microsoft;
After patching, I still cannot download it from Microsoft.

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 redistributable package (x86)

Http:// Displaylang = ZH-CN & familyid = 32bc1bee-a3f9-4c13-9c99-220b62a191ee


Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 redistributable package (x86)Install the runtime components of the Visual C ++ library required for running applications developed using Visual C ++ on a computer without visual C ++ 2005 installed, this software package installs runtime components of C Runtime (CRT), Standard C ++, ATL, MFC, OpenMP, and msdia libraries. For libraries that support parallel deployment modes (CRT, SCL, ATL, and MFC)
And OpenMP). These runtime components are installed in the local assembly cache for Windows operating systems that support parallel Assembly. This cache is also called the winsxs folder. Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second edition, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP Service Pack 2. Required Software: Windows Installer 3.0 and Windows Installer 3.1
Or later.


I have asked a lot of people, but my questions are a little different from these. After this dialog box is displayed and confirmed, all the web page serial ports used at that time are gone. What is the problem? Thank you. The following is a story about the computer. Http://

Runtime error
Program: C \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer \ ipolice.exe
-Pure virtual function call

Like what I met, it was not fun at first! Now! Let me tell you: Your game conflicts with the XP system. It doesn't matter if you don't debug it. re-install it and try again. This is a file running error. You can't try it again.

Below is the reprinted ~ You can refer
Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library is the c ++ Runtime Library that comes with the Microsoft system,

Take my XP system as an example. It mainly includes msvcp50.dll, msvcp60.dll, msvcp60d. dll, msvci70.dll, msvcp70.dll, and msvcp71.dll.

You can search msvc *. dll in partition C to find them. Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library in the description is

When searching, we can see that many applications come with these runtime libraries. Therefore, it may be that the C ++ Runtime Library of your program is faulty, therefore, check the rising firewall c: \ Program Files \ rising \ RFW \ rfwsrv first. run library in the folder where EXE is located

Check these files and replace them with files of the same name on the normal machine. Clear the same files in c: \ windows \ system32 \ dllcache when replacing them; otherwise the system overwrites them back (
Download a patch from Microsoft !!!!!!!~ Http:// !!!


Check whether any problematic pages have flash? Try updating the flash plug-in.

First clear the old flash and restart the computer.

Re-install the flash plug-in.
Try both of the following.


Report the problem. Download the two flash versions upstairs and test the results respectively.
Http:// access to this page closed when Pop Up
Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime library window
The content is as follows:
Runtime error!
Program: D: \ Program Files \ maxthon2 \ maxthon.exe
-Pure virtual function
After clicking the button, the memory cannot be: Written Error click to close the browser.


This is a QQ conflict. Go to the QQ installation directory and find qqplayerproxy. dll. If it is deleted, it will not crash.


The version restarts the computer and the problem is solved.
The display is abnormal.
QQ's page problem is solved.
Other pages need to be discovered. Currently, there are no problems such as crashes and crashes, and the software is still the ones mentioned above.
Report any problems found. Thank you! Thank you very much.

Microsoft Visual C ++ runtime error! Program: C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer \ iw.e.exe R6025-pure virtual function call

"Runtime error!
Program: C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer \ ipolice.exe
-Pure virtual function Cal

Serious debug exists in the 9.0 series plug-ins released on the flash Official Website
, I suggest you do not upgrade the latest version of the plug-in. Wait until the official website releases the 9.0 plug-in and then install it. Otherwise, the 9.0 plug-in will conflict with a file named qqplayerproxy. dll in the QQ space.
Now, let me sort out the solution.
1. Delete the flash plug-in from the Add/delete program.
Download and install the download tool
2. Directly Delete the qqplayerproxy. dll file in the QQ folder.

The above is the solution to this error in the QQ space.

I appeared when I was playing wow...

When you try to disable a reminder in Microsoft Outlook, you will receive the following error message:

Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
Runtime error!
Program: C:/.../outlook.exe
Pure virtual function call

To solve this problem, use one of the following methods. Return to top Method 1: Use the command line switch to start outlook with one of the following command lines: "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ outlook.exe"/cleanreminders


"C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ outlook.exe"/cleanviews


"C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ outlook.exe"/cleanfreebusyNote:: Enclose the full path in quotation marks to keep the long file name, as shown above. If outlook is installed in different locations, change the command line accordingly. These command line switches are used for the following purposes:

Command-line switches
------------------- -------

/ CleanFreeBusy clears and regenerates free / busy information

/ CleanReminders Clear and regenerate reminders

/ CleanViews restore default views 
To start outlook using the command line, follow these steps:
  1. ClickStartAnd then clickRun.
  2. InOpenIn the dialog box, type a command line provided earlier in this article, and then clickOK.
Method 2: delete and reinstall Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business

If Microsoft Office 2000 small business is installed in the same folder as Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, you must delete the office small business and any other office instances, then reinstall office small business. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. ClickStart, PointingSetAnd then clickControl Panel.
  2. Double-clickAdd/delete programs.
  3. ClickMicrosoft Office, small businessAnd then clickAdd/delete.
  4. In the office maintenance mode wizard, clickDelete an officeAnd then follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. Run the file and registry cleaner utility (eraser2000.exe) on the installation disc 1 of Office 2000 ). This utility deletes any remaining office program files and registry entries.
  6. Make sure that the reminder in outlook can be disabled normally.
  7. Reinstall office small business.

I have been infected with viruses or installed with any software and have not been uninstalled normally?
You can try to remove the auto-start items of the process.
1. Use configuration items to start-run-msconfig-start the tab and find the key value is

Remove the front-side constructor and restart the machine.

2 .. You can also delete the corresponding key in the registry to achieve the goal: Start-run-Regedit-OK to open the Registry Editor
It is usually in the following two locations
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
Right-click the key value to include svchost.exe and choose delete from the shortcut menu.
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